CBOSSacr Internet Cash Register

Advanced payment methods are crucial to every telecom company. The ever-growing customer base and the large footprint require more payment offices CBOSS offers an Internet Cash Register drastically facilitating the creation and management of new points-of-sales.

CBOSSacr is an Internet cash register allowing dealers and carriers to register payments via switched low-bandwidth channels or the Internet, dramatically reducing requirements to the cash register’s software.


CBOSSacr is built around the client-server architecture.

The system requires a connection to CBOSSbcc, and the Internet dramatically expands the PoS network. The system also supports the offline operation of cash registers, with the collected payments stored in the local database and exported to CBOSSbcc when the Internet connection becomes available.

  • CBOSSacr supports the following modes of operation:

Online mode

An always-on connection to the CBOSSbcc server enables the instant registration of payments and gives additional control over the cash desk operations.

Offline mode

Offline mode is actually a part of the online mode. The collection of payments does not require an always-on connection to the system server. To register payments in CBOSSbcc, an Internet connection is established and all transactions are exported to CBOSSbcc from the local database.

  • Cash register shift opening/closing
  • Payment registration/cancellation
  • Cash withdrawals/deposits
  • Information about:

the current shift and dealer account balance

registered operations

registered cash receipts and payments

  • Support of a variety of cash register models