CBOSSeir Equipment Identity Register

CBOSSeir provides an operator a mechanism to deter the stealing of mobile phones.


When a mobile phone is stolen, the mobile subscriber can request the operator to deactivate the stolen mobile phone. The mobile phone’s IMEI is then entered into the CBOSSeir system as a deactivated mobile phone.

When the stolen mobile phone is used to access a mobile network, the operator’s network elements will then do a check with the CBOSSeir using SS7 MAP protocol. CBOSSeir will check from its IMEI database and finds that the particular mobile phone has been deactivated and notify the network accordingly. The mobile service request will be rejected and the stolen mobile phone cannot be used.

  • Standard 3GPP entity.
  • IMEI lists in DB:

White – valid devices.

Black – stolen devices.

Grey – devices to be tracked.

  • Easy barring.
  • Tracking of stolen mobile phones.
  • Stronger subscriber loyalty.
  • Call center resources decrease.