Active vacancies in Moscow office are listed below. Please follow the link to read detailed requirements and fill application form in.

  1. C++ developer
  2. QA engineer
  3. Administrative Assistant
  4. Lawyer
  5. CBOSS Deputy CEO
  6. Deputy Head of Marketing & PR
  7. Deputy Head of HR
  8. HR officer
  9. Personal Assistant to Chairman of CBOSS Andrey Morozov
  10. Deputy Head of Sales and Customer Relations
  11. Commercial Account Manager
  12. Technical Account Manager
  13. Deputy Head of Professional Services
  14. Software Implementation Engineer
  15. Technical Support Engineer
  16. Foreign Trade Manager (Logistics Manager)
  17. Specialist of the Contract and Economic Department
  18. Sales manager

If you are interested in several vacancies, you can discuss them with the Human Resources manager during an interview, several completed application forms are not required.