CBOSS and Orange Moldova Jointly Launch New Mobile App and Introduce New Product to Telecom Market

CBOSS and Orange Moldova (a subsidiary of Orange Group, a major telecommunications corporation) jointly implemented an innovative project that resulted in the launch of a new mobile app called MyOrange. The project also enabled the roll-out of the CBOSSsdk (mobile) product tailored to meet the current needs of mobile operators.

The Internet is increasingly used as a universal medium for managing a variety of resources. Instead of visiting a mobile operator’s office or contacting its call center, customers prefer using their accounts on the company’s website for top-up, tariff change, or service activation. And if they can do all that via a user-friendly app installed on their smartphones, it saves them the most valuable resource, time, and ensures maximum mobility.

That is why Orange Moldova initiated the development of MyOrange, a special app that represents a mobile version of a user’s account on the company’s website and has a similar range of features. With MyOrange, one can easily change tariffs, activate/deactivate options and services, assign favorite numbers, activate scratch cards, find out about new offers from the mobile operator and perform many other actions.

Under the project, CBOSS addressed the challenge of implementing the back-end layer between the billing solution’s software/hardware platform and the mobile app. To accurately carry out the idea of Orange Moldova, CBOSS used its option for centralized management of telecom products and services, CBOSSproductCatalog. Its latest product, CBOSSsdk software development kit (mobile), had a significant role in the development of the back-end layer for MyOrange.

CBOSSsdk (mobile) is a set of tools providing the billing solution’s integration with any mobile app that enables users to top up, purchase services and options from the telco’s current product catalog. Moreover, this can be both CBOSSproductCatalog and another product with a similar purpose. CBOSSsdk (mobile) uses methods that fully comply with the specifications of TM Forum, a global association developing standards for the telecommunications industry.

The technological advantages of the CBOSS products allowed Orange Moldova to have the work completed in a record time. Just four months passed from the start of the project and the moment when the app was ready for the launch! And thanks to the CBOSSproductCatalog implementation, it took only two weeks to describe and systematize the mobile operator’s product model consisting of multiple options and offers. It took the same time to set up specific restrictions and info messages of the MyOrange app at the telecom company’s request.

As a result of the project, by using CBOSSsdk (mobile), Orange Moldova can also create other mobile apps on its own to meet the emerging needs of its customers. What’s important is that it automatically provides a close integration of new apps with both the billing system and the catalog of the mobile operator’s products and offers.

Orange Moldova is a Moldovan mobile operator and a subsidiary of Orange Group. The company started its commercial operation in 1998 under the name of Voxtel. Since April 2007, the telco has been operating under the Orange brand. Orange Moldova provides mobile and fixed telephony services, mobile wireless Internet (GSM, UMTS, LTE) and fixed broadband Internet services. The telecom operator is the leader ofMoldova’s “Big Three” with a mobile market share of more than 63%.

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