CBOSS Becomes Platinum Sponsor of 2nd Annual Russia & CIS Telecoms Executive Forum

CBOSS participated in the 2nd Russia & CIS Telecoms Executive Forum held in Moscow in the first half of November. The event brought together telecoms top business executives and vendors of BSS/OSS solutions and components. In the course of two days, CBOSS executives were participating in presentations, panel discussions and meetings with prospective clients.

At the forum, vendors of convergent BSS solutions were represented by CBOSS. Oleg Gusakov, a member of CBOSS Board of Directors, made a presentation “Integrated Convergent ‘Always Available’ Turnkey BSS Solutions.” Among the audience were executives and representatives of conference participants: Russian and CIS telecom operators, vendors of software/hardware solutions for telecommunications companies. Very clear and non-trivial images that Oleg Gusakov used in his presentation held the interest of the audience and contributed to the accurate understanding of the basics of CBOSS convergent approach and the principle of single vendor responsibility of CBOSS solutions. An emphasis was placed on the aspects of a single point of responsibility for convergent BSS solution integration layers.

CBOSS also conducted a panel discussion “Convergency and Vendor Responsibility: Is Single Responsibility Possible?” The panel speakers were Chairman of CBOSS Board of Directors Andrey Morozov, Board member Oleg Gusakov and forum participants interested in exchanging opinions about convergent solutions and approach to the subject of vendor responsibility. In addition to the presentation and panel discussion, Andrey Morozov and Oleg Gusakov held a number of face-to-face meetings with prospective customers.

The two days of the event were marked by the comprehensive exchange of ideas and experiences in the area of IT systems development and implementation. During the meetings with prospective customers, there were a lot of fruitful discussions of the operation principles and benefits of ‘always available’ convergent solutions. With scalable integrated convergent solutions developed and continuously improved by CBOSS, telecommunications companies can be sure to steadily increase their competitive edge in the face of the ever-changing market requirements.

CBOSS Board member Oleg Gusakov says, “CBOSS was the only vendor of convergent BSS solutions presented at the forum, and I believe we managed to bring to the honorable audience our vision of the problems that can be optimally solved only with convergent solutions for telecom business automation. CBOSS presentation identified some aspects of the concept of convergence and illustrated them with specific use cases, for example, hybrid accounts for telecoms to create unique marketing offers. Our panel discussion on single vendor responsibility for the entire BSS solution was, no doubt, of great interest to the participants and proved that CBOSS approach is on par with the market players’ expectations – at the end I did not see a single person in the room who would disagree with our approach.”

CBOSS is one of the world leaders in the development of innovative convergent IT solutions for end-to-end automation of telecommunications companies, delivering a competitive edge to telecoms across the globe.

CBOSS offers the full range of equipment, system and application software, and professional services, including consulting, turnkey implementation, technical support, staff training, and IT outsourcing, providing telecom companies with guaranteed operations quality while minimizing operational and capital expenditures.

CBOSS can supply operators, service providers, and MVNOs with all components of integrated IT infrastructure and/or services, as well as with full-scale outsourcing options, providing а reliable single point of responsibility.