CBOSS Deployed an Interconnect Solution in GSM Kazakhstan

www.comnews.ru, May 2008

CBOSS Corporation announced CBOSSinterConnect deployment in GSM Kazakhstan, a provider of mobile services under the K’cell and Activ brands.

GSM Kazakhstan serves more than 5 million subscribers. “The company faced the need to automate partner relationship management and control interconnect bills to improve accuracy of interconnect traffic accounting. To tackle the challenge, the carrier opted for the automated interconnect settlements system CBOSSinterConnect,” says CBOSS’ spokesman.

CBOSSinterConnect supports interconnect traffic charging based on such parameters as local time, least cost routing, load by traffic directions.

“CBOSSinterConnect monitors both incoming and outgoing traffic verifying bills from the telco’s interconnect partners. The system supports flexible audit and automatically launches reconciliation procedures in case of any discrepancies.”

“The project success was enabled by high quality professional support from CBOSS Corporation,” says Roman Khlynovsky, Head of Operational Service Support at GSM Kazakhstan.

ComNews Dossier

GSM Kazakhstan is a leading GSM 900 mobile operator in Kazakhstan. The company was founded on September 30, 1998 and operates under K’cell and Activ brands. The company’s customer base exceeds 5 million users.

CBOSS Corporation is a world leader in the development of innovative convergent IT solutionsfor end-to-endautomation of telecommunications enterprises.