CBOSS Corporation has successfully completed deploymentof the automatedinterconnect settlements system CBOSSinterСonnect.The productis purpose-builtfor accurateaccounting, charging, analysis,and reconciliationof transittraffic.

CBOSS Corporation has successfully completed deployment of the automated interconnect settlements system CBOSSinterСonnect.The productis purpose-builtfor accurate accounting, charging, analysis,and reconciliation of transit traffic.

NCC opted for the new solution as it faced:

  • The need to centralize and unify marketing, pricing and financial policy
  • Strict requirements to BI reporting
  • Tough deadlines for running interconnect billing
  • The need for accurate interconnect billingin real-time.

Engineers of both companies designed solution requirements and developed a comprehensive project plan to set upflexible tariff administration, traffic reconciliation, interconnect billing,and debtcontrol. Basedon the proven CBOSS deployment practices, all works were accurately plannedto minimize changes introduced during the project.

The creative and enthusiastic approach enabled rapidand high-quality deployment, ensuring strict compliance with NCC’s business requirements.

CBOSS also provided NCC staff training to share hands-on experience in system configuration, reconciliation,and charge settlement.

Enjoying the powerful traffic processing and charging functions, support for various switching devices and data formats, automatic data reconciliation, flexible discounts,and rich reporting options of CBOSSinterСonnect, NCC was ableto leverage its existing network resources.

The CBOSS solution allows NCCto foster effective partnerships with mobile operators and achieve maximum transparency of financial flows. CBOSSinterСonnect was ableto comply with the most stringent requirements of inter-operator settlements.

Mikhail Petrov, CEO at NCC, says, “The system is designedto streamline settlements with our partners, make interconnect billing fastand accurate,and avoid controversy.”

Andrey Morozov, President at CBOSS Corporation, comments, “We are happyto deploy our technologies in Russia, which we create here yet mostly for export. I hope that in addition to our international installations, we’ll get further opportunities to deploy our products domestically,for the benefit of our country.”

NCC provides mobile services in the Volgaregion, covering the areas of Nizhny Novgorod, Pensa, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Mordovia, Chuvash Republic, and Tatarstan. NCC is the first GSM carrier in Russia.The company was founded in 1995 and is now fully owned by VolgaTelecom.Today, NCC is among Russia's top ten largest mobile carriers serving over 3.4 million customers.

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