CBOSS Enables Launch of New Federal Telecom Operator

A Russian high-speed mobile Internet provider in cooperation with CBOSS launched a federal telecom operator offering a full range of services. The Operator’s subscribers can enjoy voice, data and SMS services in a single space with no roaming charges across Russia. The full-featured convergent Mid-Range solution from CBOSS is used as the billing system of the new federal telecom operator that provides services in GSM/UMTS/LTE networks covering dozens of Russian cities.

The mobile Internet provider chose the CBOSS solution for customer service automation as far back as 2009. The CBOSS client company, which was the first in Russia to deploy the LTE network, had a distinguishing feature of providing unlimited data services at a speed that could be regulated by users online. In 2013, the launch of a federal mobile operator to provide services in GSM/UMTS/LTE networks was planned. In 2014, a project consisting of two interrelated stages (pilot and commercial ones) was successfully implemented.

The pilot stage of the project clearly demonstrated the entire range of the CBOSS convergent Mid-Range solution’s functionality. The component enabling real-time charging (CBOSSprepaid), which had not been previously used by the CBOSS customer, was installed in a test environment and integrated with the switching equipment of the GSM/UMTS/LTE networks of the Operator to be launched. This provided convincing evidence of the fact that the CBOSS solution could boost the development of the client company’s business both in the segment of data services and that of voice and SMS services.

Brilliant results of the pilot project were the key to the success of the Operator’s commercial launch. CBOSSprepaid was simply installed as an additional component to the CBOSS solution running in the commercial operation mode thus extending and making it truly convergent! At the launch of the new telco, the modular and service-oriented architecture of the CBOSS products and solutions allowed maintaining all the current business processes of the provider serving the users within the existing service portfolio. The subscribers accustomed to high-speed LTE mobile Internet experienced no changes.

The broad functionality of the CBOSS Mid-Range solution enabled the new Operator to enter the market with unique offerings to its subscribers: selection of the required number of prepaid minutes/SMS and creation of their personal tariffs; service management and a choice of “nice” mobile numbers; a range of versatile customization tools available through a mobile app.

It was thanks to the CBOSSproductCatalog option, inter alia, that the Operator’s subscribers got the opportunity to create service portfolios according to their personal needs on their own via the convenient and easy-to-use mobile app. This new option developed by CBOSS provided for centralized management of all of the Operator’s products, which allowed significantly reducing costs for system administration and creating, within the shortest time possible, a line of products available to the citizens of Russia, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad!

The project’s key feature, the integrated convergent CBOSS solution, enabled the client company to simultaneously provide its customers with data services in its own 4G network and to use the MVNO model in 2G/3G networks. Based on the start-of-the-art technology, full-featured functionality, scalability and integrability of the Mid-Range solution and products from CBOSS, the client company expects to increase the subscriber base up to 10M by 2019.

Andrey Morozov, the founder of CBOSS, comments on the success of the project for launching the new federal telecom operator, “I was greatly surprised when, some time ago, I found out that our client company had been considering the possibility of implementing, in addition to the already used billing system for data services, modules for voice call rating, including in real time, made in Germany. As it turned out, the German technology had already been deployed at the company and its experts had already been studying its potential. Then I suggested that a SCP from CBOSS be installed as a pilot project, for I was sure that our technology could work in real time not worse and even better than the German one, while there were practically no costs for its integration into the already used solution. This way, as I assumed, by making the system convergent through the CBOSS solution with the minimum TCO and maximum reliability we could ensure that the data service provider (back then) quickly rolled out comprehensive telecommunication services. That’s how it finally happened: after examining the functionality of the convergent solution from CBOSS, our client company got convinced that the German technology had no advantage over ours and chose the solution from the Russian vendor, which eventually was quickly and successfully launched into commercial operation. Our customer thus in practice demonstrated the success of import substitution, which is highly relevant for Russian companies today.”

Operator is a Russian wireless company using the LTE technology. It was founded in 2007 as a data service provider. The company was the first to provide users with high-speed 4G mobile Internet based on the WiMAX technology and to deploy the first LTE network in Russia, offering its subscribers real unlimited data services for mobile devices. As of today, the company's network covers dozens of Russian cities.

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