CBOSS in Germany

MVNECO GmbH, a German mobile virtual network enabler, has selected CBOSS Corporation for the full outsourcing and maintenance of its end-to-end convergent industrial IT infrastructure.

Mobile service penetration in Europe has exceeded 100 percent long ago. Telecoms are furiously competing for subscribers, striving to provide individualized services rather than using traditional customer acquisition schemes continuously becoming more expensive. At the same time, the market is witnessing active development of niche service providers, the so called MVNOs, mobile virtual network operators that sell services under their own brands, using networking resources of large mobile network operators (MNOs). As a rule, MVNOs, in contrast to large telecoms, place greater focus on service personalization working in niche segments rather than in mass markets and preferring to deliver convergent service bundles.

In addition to MVNOs and MNOs, there is another player in the telecommunications market. Mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs) mediate between MVNOs with comparatively small subscriber bases and larger MNOs. The scheme suits both. MNOs benefit from the more efficient use of existing network resources and lower customer acquisition cost. Moreover, instead of working with dozens of MVNOs and constantly resolving integration issues, an MNO receives an opportunity to bring down operational costs, interacting with one or two MVNEs and leaving it to them tore-configuretheir platforms to the specifics of different MVNOs. On the other side, MVNOs can concentrate on service promotion, leaving technical issues to MVNEs.

In the growing B2B virtual network market MVNECO GmbH selected to be an MVNE that offers MVNOs the whole range of managed IT services ranging from provisioning and maintenance of the entire IT infrastructure to integration with MNOs, implementation of complex business requirements, and development of perfectly balanced service bundles. The interaction with MVNEs allows virtual operators to reduce capital expenditures and businessstart-uptime, while efficiently using the telecommunications expertise and convergent solution of the MVNE.

MVNECO’s main goal is to provide MVNOs with theMNO-levelquality of services and minimum customer acquisition and support cost per subscriber. To achieve the goal, the company needed a solution capable of supporting several virtual operators on a single shared platform, which means separate access, tariffs, services, etc. for each MVNO.

Selecting the solution, MVNECO also paid particular attention to its reliability, integrity, convergence, and ability to automate customers’ any business process associated with provisioning of mobile,fixed-lineandvalue-added services. In addition, the company was keenly interested in the outsourcing of the solution to reducetime-to-marketand business risks.

Acting as a single provider of the entire IT infrastructure, CBOSS Corporation not only proposed the solution fully meeting MVNECO’s requirements, but also implemented its full outsourcing and maintenance in Managed Service mode. The project was launched in CBOSS’state-of-the-arttechnopolis located in Helsinki, Finland and allowed MVNECO to minimize capital, time, and HR costs. The solution gave the company an opportunity to effectively manage its resources and from the very beginning to concentrate on relations with customers, which is especially important when entering the market featuring relatively low profitability and fierce competition characterizing today’s European telecommunications market.

The kernel of this hardware-softwaresolution is the real-timeconvergent prepaid billing system CBOSSrtb built on the HP NonStop platform featuring unsurpassed reliability.

CBOSSrtb enables independent management of subscriber bases, tariffs and business rules of several MVNOs operating in different telecommunications standards. The system supports GSM, TDMA, CDMA, GPRS, and 3G on a single platform. MVNECO is planning to enable operations of GSM, UMTS, and PSTN operators.

MVNECO’s solution also includes various value-addedproducts and mediation systems such as the external resources management system CBOSSmdDrive, Internet platform CBOSSip, messaging centers CBOSSsms, CBOSSmms, CBOSSussd, call management systems CBOSSmissedCall and CBOSScallback, and assisting intelligent peripheral CBOSSaip, enabling implementation of voice menus for different services.

The CBOSS solution allows MVNECO to provide its customers with:

  • Convergent billing
  • Free choice of functionalities and services
  • Attractive prices: the service provider’s costs are optimized as the single platform is shared by several operators
  • Unsurpassed reliability
  • Fast time-to-market: less than 5 months to start the first MVNO, including the integration with the MNO’s network and launch of services.

“The CBOSS solution fully meets requirements of the MVNE business. It is very reliable, highly scalable, and has low TCO, which makes it the ideal choice for us”, said Wolfgang Kohl, Managing Director at MVNECO GmbH. “It is also remarkable that the solution has been deployed in record time”.

MVNECO GmbH - a mobile virtual network enabler headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany is enabling the operation of various European MVNOs with a comprehensive Business Process Outsourcing Services Portfolio.

Further information and contact details: www.mvneco.com

CBOSS is one of the world leaders in the development of innovative convergent IT solutions for end-to-end automation of telecommunications companies, delivering a competitive edge to telecoms across the globe.

CBOSS offers the full range of equipment, system and application software, and professional services, including consulting, turnkey implementation, technical support, staff training, and IT outsourcing, providing telecom companies with guaranteed operations quality while minimizing operational and capital expenditures.

CBOSS can supply operators, service providers, and MVNOs with all components of integrated IT infrastructure and/or services, as well as with full-scale outsourcing options, providing а reliable single point of responsibility.