CBOSS is ready to create jobs specifically for Ukrainians

Due to the current extraordinary political and economical environment in Ukraine, everyone should do what they can to help people who are in such a difficult situation

CBOSS therefore urgently allocated additional funds for the new “Ukraine” region of Creative Intelligence Contest (intellect.cboss.ru) and extended the Contest to all citizens and residents of Ukraine.

CBOSS suggests to create hundreds and thousands of new jobs for the best Ukrainian participants, both in 3 other regions of the Contest (Taganrog, Moscow, Tver district), and in the Ukrainian territories close to the city of Taganrog (Mariupol, Donetsk, Berdyansk, Lugansk, Kharkov and so on).

CBOSS also announced the possibility of providing the existing housing in Moscow to the selected Ukrainian Contest participants, as well as its readiness to finance large-scale (if necessary) construction of new housing for those Ukrainians who want to work in Russia.

Andrey Morozov personally called Ukrainians to his management team.

He is willing, together with the Ukrainian participants of the Contest, to ensure stability, prosperity and growth for them, in spite of any circumstances, and together create bright future for them and their children.

intellect.cboss.ru – the gate to safe, stable, secure and promising future!

PS. CBOSS and Andrey Morozov personally ask each reader of these lines to send the text or link to every Ukrainians they know, especially those with expertise in programming, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Economics, Customer Relationship Management, Administration and simply to all the intelligent and creative people of Ukraine.