CBOSS Prepares a Transcaucasian Mobile Operator’s IT Infrastructure for a Great Step Forward

CBOSS and a Mobile Operator in one of the largest Transcaucasian countries successfully implemented a joint project for the normalization of the CBOSS customer’s IT infrastructure. The project resulted in higher performance and fault-tolerance of the Operator’s hardware platform.

CBOSS and the Operator started their cooperation in 2007 when the new player in the mobile market launched its activities based on the CBOSS convergent solution. Six years later, CBOSS engineers planned and carried out an audit of the Operator’s software/hardware solution. The audit confirmed that the characteristics of the used hardware platform were not sufficient for the expected growth of the telco’s needs. Based on the audit results, CBOSS developed and offered to the Operator a project for the normalization and enhancement of the existing IT infrastructure.

The project involved reconfiguration of particular hardware components and Oracle database version upgrade to 11g as well as platform load balancing on the whole. Both during project pre-implementation and execution phases, the CBOSS team carefully followed the corporate project management methodology “1-2-3-4-5.” This ensured the appropriate fulfillment of all activities under the project in strict compliance with the schedule.

As a result of the project, the used hardware platform now features higher performance and fault-tolerance, which will allow the CBOSS customer to timely respond to the market requirements. Moreover, a technical basis for further large-scale upgrade of the software and hardware platform was prepared. The upgrade is planned as the next stage in the cooperation between CBOSS and the Operator.

In the course of a new joint project, migration of the real-time billing system CBOSSrtb to the next generation CBOSS Integrity NonStop hardware will be carried out as well as implementation of the new versions of CBOSSbcc and CBOSSrtb that are the core of the CBOSS convergent hi-end solution deployed at the telco.

Andrey Morozov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CBOSS, comments on the completion of the project for the Operator’s IT infrastructure normalization, “The project resulted in the system-wide preparation for the next significant step in the development of our customer’s convergent IT infrastructure – its upgrade to the latest release. CBOSS is at full tilt carrying out integrated testing of the next generation solution customized for the Operator. I’m sure that new functions and features of the updated solution will give an impetus to the Operator’s business development and contribute to the enhancement of its subscribers’ satisfaction.”

The Operator started its commercial activities in March 2007. In 2009, the advanced and dynamically developing telco received a license for providing 3G services and was the first to introduce 3G services in the country. Today, the number of the Operator’s network users exceeds 2M.

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