‘CBOSS Product Line Covers 44 Integrated Solutions’: Interview of CBOSS Senior Vice President Alexander Ivakhin to InformKurier-Sviaz

Inform Kurier-Sviaz Magazine, May 11, 2004

What are the exposition concept, product line and solutions showcased by CBOSS Association at “Sviaz-Expocomm-2004”?

– The CBOSS exposition at “Sviaz-Expocomm-2004″ is dedicated to the major breakthrough our Association has made lately: we entered the global market, retaining the position of leading Russian software developer at the same time.

CBOSS Association showcases its product line at “Sviaz-Expocomm”. Our offerings include successfully deployed solutions – CBOSS, CBOSSprepaid, CBOSSip, CBOSSdss, CBOSSudr, CBOSSroam, CBOSSacc, CBOSSssc, CBOSSsms, CBOSSmms, CBOSSisp, CBOSSics and many others. The entire CBOSS product line covers 44 integrated products that bring automation to all business processes of a telecom enterprise and allow operators to offer feature-rich services to subscribers. No other vendor has similar range of products and services.

What are the novelties and “star” exhibits?

–This year’s novelties feature two solutions – CBOSSrtb (rtBilling(tm)) and CBOSSin. CBOSSrtb (rtBilling(tm)) is built on Hewlett-Packard platform and intended for providing real-time prepaid services. Several mobile operators have deployed this system. Regardless of the subscription type being used, rtBilling(tm) rates, controls and manages all communications traffic in real time.

The other new CBOSS product introduced at the event is Convergent Telecommunication Applications Server CBOSSin. The CBOSSin concept facilitates creation and introduction of new services and modification of existing services, which allows reducing time-to-market and financial inputs. Operators can manage services according to continuously growing subscribers’ demands. Sufficient condition of success at contemporary telecommunication market is use of various service provisioning methods (telephony, Internet services, etc). This requirement was one of the key points on Convergent Telecommunication Applications Server development. Thus, the solution provides wide range of capabilities for service provisioning within various telecommunication domains. The Convergent Telecommunication Applications Server is based on the intelligent network architecture. The architecture allows separating service provisioning and network resource management functions. The server is designed to deploy any intelligent services even outside the telecommunication network area.

What development objectives is the company planning to reach during the exposition?

– Participation in “Sviaz-Expocomm” is a powerful method of solving key issues in corporate development. It is an opportunity to feature brand-new CBOSS products and innovations, get familiar with achievements of other companies, and trace the global IT development trends as well.

I’d like to stress that besides the scheduled meetings with exhibitors and mass media, we are open to dialogs with all interested parties. More often than not, unofficial negotiations play the crucial role in forming new business contacts.

On May 14, our booth will host the award ceremony for winners of the Open Programming Tournament that was held in April under CBOSS sponsorship. This important event has become our good tradition. CBOSS is devoted to encouraging young specialists, which is why the award ceremony is an integral part of the company’s presence at “Sviaz-Expocomm-2004″.

During the exposition, you can get familiar with CBOSS products and receive comprehensive expert-grade consultations from our specialists. Every hour, the CBOSS booth greets its attendees with a sparkling show program.