CBOSS Solution Enables 3G+ Network Launch in Seven Areas of Russia’s Volga Region

In 2013, based on the CBOSS convergent solution, a major Russian telecom operator launched commercial 3G+ network in the Samara, Orenburg, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanovsk, Penza regions and the Republic of Tatarstan.

3G+ network of one of the Top 10 Russian mobile operators is built on the new UMTS technology. The network data transmission rate is up to 21 Mbps with the possibility of a future increase up to 42 Mbps. High data rates enable subscribers’ access to a wide variety of innovative services, such as mobile TV, broadband Internet access, video and audio streaming and much more.

Currently, the residents of 15 largest cities of the Volga Region can access the Operator’s Internet services through its 3G+ network. The multi-standard mobile 2G/3G+ (GSM/UMTS) network ensures the use of voice services in digital quality and high data transmission rate, which is of the utmost importance to the owners of smartphones and tablets that are gaining more and more popularity.

It is remarkable that the 3G+ network launch in the seven areas of the Volga Region allowed the Operator to cope with quite a challenging task of providing subscribers with a high-speed Internet connection along with the low cost of the service. Explosive growth of the Operator’s network traffic is a proof of increased customer loyalty.

The Operator uses the integrated convergent full-featured scalable and flexible CBOSSconvergence Hi-End solution for managing access to 3G+ services. The solution enables real-time charging of mobile services, fast implementation of new tariffs and options including roaming ones, as well as generation of operational and analytical reports.

As different Operator’s branches were using switching equipment from different vendors, it was necessary to support various protocols and data formats. During a joint project, CBOSS experts carried out a large-scale reconstruction of the Operator’s network as well as transfer to unified switching equipment, an HLR (Home Location Register) common for all telco’s branches, and a single data communication platform.

After applying the upgraded configuration of the switching equipment, the CBOSS solution operation expenses were optimized thanks to the use of the following in all branches of the Operator:

  • a single switching equipment management protocol;
  • unified rating data collection procedures;
  • a common CDR processing algorithm.

In addition, the CBOSS experts configured rating of new 3G+ service packages and interconnect traffic under the new call routing scheme.

The implementation of the project for launching the 3G+ network in the seven key areas of the Volga Region brings a new level of quality and availability of the fast mobile Internet service and kicks off the development of similar projects in other regions along the Volga.

Operator provides mobile and Internet access services in eight areas of Russia’s Volga region. Founded in 1995, the company was the first GSM carrier in the country and is on Top 10 list of Russian mobile operators.

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