CBOSS Solution Enables Access of Orange Armenia Subscribers to a New Service Package in Record Time

CBOSS and Orange Armenia completed a joint project for launching a new offer called “Unlimited 3 in 1” option in just three weeks. As a result, the subscribers of Orange Armenia are the first in the country to enjoy simultaneous use of three types of services (calls, SMS and mobile internet) in one package. At the same time, the subscribers can benefit from a variety of tools for the telecom operator’s offer management.

CBOSS and Orange Armenia, a subsidiary of Orange Group, a multinational telecommunications corporation, have been cooperating since the first steps of Orange on the Armenian mobile market. Dozens of projects have been successfully completed to ensure increased customer loyalty and higher revenues of the telecom operator, including implementation of Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

The nontrivial, multiple branch operation logic of the new “Unlimited 3 in 1” option is implemented through CBOSSbcc, including a unique functionality set of one of its components – the CBOSSeps Event Processing System with a graphical script editor. Thanks to the flexibility of CBOSSeps and a wide range of analyzed events and actions on system objects, it enables registration of requests for future actions and request validity check on the date/time of its processing. The above features allow meeting the customer’s requirements with the minimum load on the system.

CBOSSeps enables elaborate creation and faultless execution of scripts for processing events triggered in the system upon subscriber’s activation of the “Unlimited 3 in 1” option: check for subscriber account balance; automatic prolongation of the validity period; offer’s suspension when the subscriber account balance is insufficient; automatic reactivation of the offer after the subscriber tops up the account; change of the offer format at subscriber request (both immediately and upon automatic prolongation).

Thanks to using the CBOSSsdp Service Delivery Platform that enables creation and delivery of value-added services (USSD, voice menu and other), the subscribers of Orange Armenia are provided with an impressive set of diverse and convenient methods for “Unlimited 3 in 1” option management. For example, they can activate and deactivate options, check and, if necessary, change their status via USSD requests (through CBOSSussd), voice menu (through CBOSSacc), or web-based customer self-service (through CBOSSics). The subscribers can also switch from the previously launched offer “Let’s Talk Bundles” to the new offer “Unlimited 3 in 1” and back.

Particularly noteworthy is the project implementation period: the offer’s time to market was only three weeks! The CBOSS’ corporate project management methodology “1-2-3-4-5” ensured its quickest response to the new customer needs and allowed CBOSS to meet the challenge within the shortest possible time. The unsurpassed flexibility of the CBOSSconvergence3 solution, in its turn, made it possible to quickly implement the “Unlimited 3 in 1” project with the use of the basic functionality only and with no need to develop custom software.

CBOSS and Orange Armenia continue implementing large-scale plans for effective business cooperation: a number of diverse projects are in progress right now.

Orange Armenia is a 100% subsidiary of Orange Group. The company started its commercial operation on November 5, 2009, covering the entire territory of Armenia, with a full range of voice and data services. The telecom operator has the largest 3G+ network in Armenia, with the coverage of 97% of the population.

For more information please visit http://www.orangearmenia.am/

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