CBOSS Solutions Improved Multi-Service Billing System of a Foreign Partner

CBOSS has once again confirmed successfulness, scalability and flexibility of its solutions. Components of a solution developed by CBOSS engineers have been included in infrastructure of a foreign telecom Operator. The hardware and software complex that integrates the Operator’s IMS platform and the billing system based on CBOSS components automates all business processes, enabling the Operator to deliver many telecommunication services.

Following its strategy of continually improve the quality of services to subscribers, the Operator has purchased IMS platform ensuring provision of a wide range of subscriber services and concurrent transfer of data, voice and multimedia. By using the implemented IMS platform, the Operator plans to deliver PSTN, video and IP telephony services. Besides, the Operator sees the long-term challenge of vast extension of its subscriber base.

It was decided that CBOSS would integrate the components of its convergent solution with the IMS platform. The resulting software and hardware complex should enable automatic data collection, processing and export by the IMS platform to the billing system, as well as rating of all types of services supplied by the Operator. Besides, CBOSS engineers were to build logic of interaction of CBOSS components and the Operator’s billing system supplied by its foreign partner.

During the pre-project phase CBOSS’s team has done a big preparatory job including collection of data on protocols of the expected software and hardware complex, types of services provided by the Operator, and its subscriber groups. Special attention was paid to issues of faultless interaction of the Operator’s billing system and the CBOSS components to be implemented. Basing on the detailed information, the team worked out the project concept.

The good job carried out at the phases of data collection and planning, as well as highly professional work of our team allowed for integration of the IMS platform and CBOSS convergent solution components in full compliance with schedule of the project works. The Operator has started commercial operation of the high-end software and hardware complex and now actively boosts its subscriber base.

Andrey Morozov, President of CBOSS, comments on the success of the project, “In this project we have showed the solution flexibility and used to the full extent the potential of partnership. It is the constructive cooperation with our partner and united efforts for the Operator’s benefit that has ensured the excellent result. We will make conclusions for successful fulfilling our strategic goals and extending the cooperation with partners.”

Operator is a national telecom services provider in a foreign country. Since its start the Operator has built an extensive telecommunication network in its country and the fiber optic backbone network connected to communication lines of neighboring countries. It also provides for international and long-distance traffic and broadcast through land-line TV and radio channels.

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