CBOSS Supports Advanced 4G Technology

CBOSS and a young Russian Operator providing 4G services are strengthening their productive cooperation. For one and a half year of its activity, the Operator has obtained impressive results and boosted its subscriber base. This success was enabled by stable operation of the CBOSS hi-tech billing system supporting the Operator’s customer care cycle.

The Operator is the first and the biggest provider of Mobile WiMAX wireless broadband Internet access services in Russia. This cutting-edge technology oriented to support mobile user operations became available only a short time ago and few global vendors of billing systems have the experience of supporting this new standard.

At selection of the software vendor, experts and management of the Operator indicated high availability of the solution platform and impeccable operation of billing system as the main requirements. As the Operator was introducing the innovative services on the Russian market, it had to prove the services appropriability and create its positive image among users. The correct operation of billing system was the key factor, as any error of subscriber balance account would affect the public attitude towards the Operator and the new 4G service. That is why, CBOSSbcc was selected as the optimal solution meeting the high reliability and availability criteria.

During implementation of CBOSSbcc, CBOSS engineers faced a set of problems; billing system had to support specific WiMAX characteristics, namely, non-typical structure of subscriber data, another mechanism of service application registration, activation and service barring depending on subscriber payment method, as well as specific rules of writing off of amounts. Also it was necessary to carry out multistep integration with many applications from third vendors: self-service customer care, authorization and accounting system, payments, content management system, dealer’s office, etc. Besides, the customer’s main requirement was to achieve the complete fault tolerance of the billing system, which was ensured by backup of each system module and creation of full-fledged testing lab.

The implementation of CBOSSbcc started in February 2009 and in April 1, 2009, the system was launched commercially for corporate customers. Two months later the Operator started to deliver the full range of services to physical persons too. Concurrently with its growth, the Operator introduced new services and systems, which also required active support of the new features in the billing system. The unique flexibility and configurability of CBOSSbcc ensured support of new marketing campaigns and initiatives of the Operator.

The first result was not slow to arrive and by mid of August, the subscriber base of the Russian first mass 4G network has reached 100,000 subscribers. Further growth of demand for the Operator’s services was beyond any expectation and caused three system scaling projects, which ensured the ability to provide services to 800,000 subscribers. Now, the Operator provides 4G mobile WiMAX services to subscribers of the Moscow and Leningrad provinces, the cities of Ufa, Krasnodar and Sochi, the capital of Olympic Games 2014.

Andrey Morozov, President of CBOSS Corporation, says: “Undoubtedly, future in the telecommunications industry belongs to data transfer. CBOSS, as a vendor of industrial IT software, has its finger on the pulse of this trend and timely offers solutions for the next generation telecommunication services. We are grateful to our partner for the provided opportunity to implement in practice the support of 4G services with our solutions.”

Operator - a Russian supplier of Mobile WiMAX wireless broadband Internet access services.

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