Clarification to the previous news related to CIC extension for Ukrainians

Just for the sake of clarity, reference to the “CBOSS is ready to create jobs specifically for Ukrainians” of 03.01.2014: CBOSS does not take sides with any political movement, either in Russia or Ukraine, nor opposes or advocates any of them. Our intention is only to promote and extend the Creative Intelligence Contest (CIC) initiatives, in order to offer ordinary people an opportunity to earn stability and safe future for themselves and their children with their creative intelligence.

CBOSS and Andrey Morozov, Chairman of CBOSS, encourage each reader to send the text or link to every Ukrainians they know, with expertise in programming, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Economics, Customer Relationship Management, Administration and simply to all the intelligent and creative people of Ukraine.

All this – via Creative Intelligence Contest: – show your creative intelligence and become a member of our team !