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Publication on successful completion of the project for migration of subscriber bases of CJSC Nizhegorodskaya Cellular Communications (NCC), a subsidiary of OJSC Rostelecom, in its integrated convergent billing system from CBOSS.
Standard, April 2013 (Monthly business journal about telecommunications and broadcast in the world and Russia is issued by COMNEWS, the major Russian publisher of business ICT media.)

Within a successful project for CJSC Nizhegorodskaya Cellular Communications (NCC) which is a subsidiary company of OJSC Rostelecom, CBOSS carried out the migration of subscriber bases of two of NCC branches to CBOSS billing and customer care system in a short period of time. For more than half a million subscribers of Orenburg and Ulyanovsk branches, customer care now will be provided by the CBOSSconvergence3 system. That enabled unification of business processes, rate plans, customer care and settlement technologies for all subscribers.

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The NCC operator is a major GSM subscriber subsidiary of OJSC Rostelecom. The NCC head office (Nizhniy Novgorod) and other six branches in the Volga region run the automated billing and business processes based on the CBOSSconvergence3 end-to-end integrated convergent system. The solution enables the full automation of customer care for more than 3,000,000 NCC’s subscribers.

To unify tariff policy and business processes in all NCC branches, the customer care of another two NCC branches in Orenburg and Ulyanovsk regions, servicing totally 550,000 subscribers, were decided to transfer to the CBOSSconvergence3 system.

Implementation of such a large-scale project involved thorough preparation and on-site survey carried out by CBOSS’ team at the Orenburg and Ulyanovsk head offices. After analysis of requirements, resource assessment, and writing of the complete set of design documentation, CBOSS’ engineers began implementation of the project.

All main tariff models of the branches were migrated to the convergent system and the customer care subsystem was configured, which has enabled the branches to deliver end-to-end customer care through CBOSS system.

Within the project, interactions between the branches and dealers were automated, thus allowing enhanced control over merchandise and SIM cards transfers, as well as more accurate accounting of receipts.  To continue the subscriber services existing in the branches, the CBOSS convergent system was configured to interact with the Wi-Fi platform operated by the Ulyanovsk branch. Thanks to that the subscribers can keep using the high speed wireless Internet as before.

The final and the most important phase was the migration of customer data on many hundred thousands of subscribers to the CBOSS convergent solution. CBOSS’ employees carefully prepared everything as to minimize risks. To that end, tests were carried out, preliminary data was collected, and minute-by-minute detailed schedule was made and agreed upon. During this phase, the well-coordinated teamwork of CBOSS’ and NCC’s engineers, prompt response to incidents, and expertise of the engineers allowed the successful data migration and connection of more than half a million subscribers to the convergent solution in line with schedule.

The transfer of NCC branches’ customer care to the CBOSSconvergence3 system has provided for unification of business processes, reporting systems, customer care and settlement technologies. Now the operator can ensure a single tariff and marketing policy in all its branches that are connected to CBOSSconvergence3. Advanced technology and flexibility of the convergent system from CBOSS will empower the operator to prepare the launch of 3G networks in its branches.

Andrey Morozov, Prezident of CBOSS, commenting on the accomplished project says, ’Unification of settlements with subscribers and customer care technologies in another two branches of NCC enabled the operator not only to reduce the cost of its operations but also enhance customer care quality, basing on our technological solutions of the NonStop class, which are the most reliable of those available in the global market. Thorough and well-organized preparation together with good teamwork of employees of both companies allowed completion of the work within extremely tight term. There can be no doubt that it is a hallmark project for Rostelecom in general, as it demonstrates the possibility of providing unified and efficient servicing to subscribers through a single convergent billing system from CBOSS, even if the subscribers live in various regions and use diverse – in respect of standards and generations, communications services. Taking into account the unsurpassed fault-tolerance of our solutions as well as their scalability to the levels of above 100,000,000 subscribers, we are ready to use the experience we have gained during this project and our technological expertise to implement even more massive projects for Rostelecom’.

CJSC NCC is a mobile operator providing services in eight districts of the Volga region. NCC was the first GSM operator in Russia. The company was established in 1995 and now is among Russia’s 10 largest mobile operators. OJSC Rostelecom holds 100% shares of NCC. The number of NCC’s subscribers is above 3,000,000.

For more information, please visit www.ncc-volga.ru

OJSC Rostelecom is a Russian telecommunications company. The company provides local and long-distance telephony services, broadband Internet access (2011 Russia’s leading operator in the number of subscribers), digital television (2011 Russia’s second largest provider in the number of subscribers), mobile communications services, etc. More than 100 million people use Rostelecom services in Russia.

For more information, please visit www.rt.ru

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