IPv6 Support in CBOSSip Flagship Options

CBOSS, following its strategy of continued activity for implementation of innovations, announces support of IPv6 addresses in CBOSSip flagship options, which are the basis for the content billing solutions: CBOSSip::Content Prepaid Billing and CBOSSip::Content Postpaid Billing.

IP address is a necessary condition for the Internet access. Today there are not many IP addresses of the previous generation (IPv4). Its total number is not more than 232, which is a bit more than 4 billion and considerably less than the Earth population.

Data transfer services penetrate in life of society wide and fast. The Internet access has become necessary not only for people, searching for information, but also for machines, involved in M2M (Machine-to-Machine) interaction. Insufficient number of IP addresses may affect the subscriber’s opportunity to access information timely and have a negative impact on a growth of business related to data services.

To avoid the problem of IPv4 addresses lack, new standards with IPv6 support were approved. Total number of IP addresses of the new generation is limited by 2128. It means that each inhabitant of the Earth can theoretically have approximately 5*1028 IPv6 addresses.

IPv6 support in CBOSSip content billing options will enable operators to rate data services according to results of DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) analysis for subscribers with IPv6 addresses by using world-class unified CBOSS convergent solution.


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