Moscow Universities Grateful to CBOSS for Virtual Job Fair

Council of rectors of Moscow/Moscow region institutions of higher education acknowledges contribution of CBOSS employees who participated in development and support of, a website for vacancy-seeking graduates and young specialists.

Involvement in development of the new web-resource is another stage of comprehensive program from CBOSS aimed at support of national system of higher education. The program spans annual contests in mathematics and programming that should set a new level of training and encourage student interest in fundamental sciences. Another priority is to satisfy the demand of a growing business in qualified personnel and to attract young promising specialists to CBOSS. CBOSS holds other events, aimed to support national science and education, arranges courses in specialized disciplines for students. In 2003, CBOSS and Lomonosov MSU commenced implementation of scholarship program.

Virtual job fair at, implemented by programmers from CBOSS, is positioned to help students and graduates find a decent job. The website provides hands-on reference about employers, describes existing job market and job-hunting technology. Its ultimate goal is interesting, career-intensive jobs for young specialists, the jobs that demand from aspirers their knowledge and qualifications.

Comprehensive coverage of job fairs held by institutions of higher education makes this website stand out from other job-hunting resources. Moreover, innovative Internet technologies, developed in CBOSS, enable direct communication between specialists of profile universities and potential employers.

The Council acknowledges “the contribution of the resource in realization of the Employer-University collaboration program. This program was approved by regulation of Moscow government and Council of rectors of Moscow/Moscow region institutions of higher education dated November 25, 2003.” The Council expects the cooperation with CBOSS Association in facilitation of employment of students and graduates of Moscow institutions of higher education will grow.

Letter from the Council of Rectors of Moscow institutions of higher education.