Silknet Consolidates its Data Using CBOSS Technology

In early August 2010, CBOSS technical support specialist sand Silkne temployees finalized the project of subscribe rdata migration to the CBOSSconvergent system.

In early August 2010, CBOSS technical support specialists and Silknet employees finalized the project of subscriber data migration to the CBOSS convergent system.

Silknet is a result of the recent merger between three Georgian telecom operators – United Telecom, Wanex and Achara Electrokavshiri. The company currently provides high-quality telecommunications services to 450,000 clients and holds about 80% of the PSTN market of Georgia.

The amalgamation of such a large scale is accompanied by changes in the infrastructure, expansion of the subscriber base, and scaling of IT solutions. This frequently involves great difficulties. However, the company managed to carry out the reorganization as smoothly as possible, to a large extent thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of the cutting-edge convergent solutions from CBOSS. The right to use the CBOSS system passed to Silknet from United Telecom Georgia.

One of the main problems faced by the newly created company was the lack of a unified format for data storage, as each of the three operators used to store information based on its own standards and data access methods. To solve the issue, the CBOSS and Silknet teams developed the project of subscriber data migration from third-party vendor systems to the CBOSS system.

The volume of migration amounted to more than 75,000 data sets with subscriber contact and account details, as well as other service parameters.

The migration has resulted in a high level of automation of subscriber operations, unification of data and access rates. This has raised the quality of services provided to Silknet clients.

This fruitful collaboration between CBOSS Corporation and the Georgian telecom giant is a good basis for further cooperation in the development and implementation of business projects. They will allow Silknet to greatly diversify the range of services and increase subscriber loyalty.

Giorgi Gugunishvili, Director General of Silknet, says “To us, the collaboration between Silknet and CBOSS is not just economic cooperation. It is an efficient way to build a modern hi-tech telecom company that provides customers with world-class services.”

Andrey Morozov, CBOSS President, says “This project has been implemented completely by the young specialists of the CBOSS South business node. It is a small but important step towards the creation of a fully fault-tolerant CBOSS business architecture aimed to ensure reliable services to our customers.”

"Silknet" is a leading supplierof fixedand mobile telecommunication services (CDM)and major internet provider throughoutthe country.It is alsothe first moverin the marketfor the InternetTV service (IPTV).

The company providesthe up-to-datetelecommunications services basedon the moderninternational standardsto its subscribersand otheroperatorsin Georgia.

The company comprises seven regional branches managedby the headoffice in Tbilisi.

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