Thanks to CBOSS Solution’s Unique Flexibility and Additional Components Orange Armenia Quickly Launches a New Spring Offer

CBOSS and Orange Armenia presented subscribers with a new prepaid service on the Day of Maternity and Beauty celebrated in Armenia on April 7. The branched multi-component service operation logic is implemented through the basic functionality of the CBOSSconvergence3 solution and the pre-integrated option CBOSSip::PCRF Policy and Charging Rule Function, one of the latest developments from CBOSS.

The basic functionality of the CBOSS convergent solution, which has been supporting the business processes of Orange Armenia since its startup, is so wide and versatile that it allows implementing almost any business requirements for marketing promotions and offers introduced for customers. The new Orange prepaid service allows Armenian subscribers to get access to special bundles of minutes, including for international calls, and new bundles of high speed Internet. The new prepaid service is seamlessly integrated into the system of the already active offers enabling the subscribers to continue fully enjoying all the benefits of the telco’s products in use.

The CBOSSeps Event Processing System ensures strict execution of any specific scripts based on a subscriber’s behavior. For example, when enabling the offer, the system checks whether the subscriber has enough money in his/her account and afterwards, when the amount of money in the account becomes insufficient, the offer is disabled. Extension of the offer’s validity period is automatic as is its reconnection after the subscriber tops up the account.

Faithful to its traditions, Orange Armenia lets subscribers manage their service bundles completely on their own: they may change the offer’s format as they wish, both when using it and at its automatic extension. They are free to activate, deactivate, interchange services and check whether service bundles are active at any time. All operations for service bundle management can be performed by choosing from any of the three tools: USSD requests, the IVR service, or the CBOSSics Internet Customer Service.

The highlight of the project is that the CBOSS experts enabled flexible data speed control for a particular subscriber depending on the set of marketing offers this subscriber participates in. Use of CBOSSip::PCRF as a management tool helps to greatly save system resources, when switching between data speeds, and to accelerate the switch process management.

In addition, a specific requirement was implemented for the new Orange prepaid service: enable control of access to data services based on the set of the subscriber’s active offers and the type of the device from which he/she attempts to connect to the Internet. For instance, the bundles of the new service are available only to those subscribers who use handsets to surf the Web, but not to those using tablets or internet modems, as the telecom operator has separate attractive marketing offers for tablet and modem users. Every condition of this requirement of Orange Armenia is also met within the set of the CBOSSip::PCRF functions.

The new Orange prepaid service with its three Orange prepaid bundles is launched to enhance customer loyalty by timely providing them with relevant opportunities that are in demand, personified, easily managed and combined with the existing offers. Cooperation between CBOSS and Orange Armenia invariably leads to the implementation of diverse projects aimed to further increase the competitive edge of the telecom operator’s business.

Andrey Morozov, the founder of CBOSS, says, “The convergent technology from CBOSS allows Orange Armenia to quickly and efficiently offer innovative products to its subscribers and to confidently increase its subscriber base in the most interesting market segments, staying ahead of its competitors. We are happy and proud of the fact that the telecom operator is effectively using the technological advantages its business gains from the CBOSS convergent solutions.”

Orange Armenia is an Armenian mobile operator and a fully owned subsidiary of Orange Group. The company started its commercial operation on November 5, 2009, covering the entire territory of Armenia. Today, Orange Armenia provides a full range of voice and data services. The telecom operator has the largest 3G+ network in Armenia, with the coverage of 97% of the population.

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