CBOSS and Orange Armenia Offer Mobile Internet Users Convenient Format of High-Speed Network Access

Orange Armenia launched a special offer for active users of mobile Internet. The concept of the telecom operator, which strives to provide high-quality mobile Internet services in full compliance with user requirements, was perfectly implemented via the pre-integrated option Policy and Charging Rule Function CBOSSip::PCRF and the flexible Event Processing System CBOSSeps.

The main feature of the new offer from Orange Armenia is the continuity of access to high-speed mobile Internet: the amount of data included in the offer is automatically reactivated on a monthly basis. Subscribers don’t need to remember when the offer should be extended. All they need to do is to timely top up their accounts while CBOSSip::PCRF and CBOSSeps will take care of the rest.

CBOSS Enables Launch of New Federal Telecom Operator

A Russian high-speed mobile Internet provider in cooperation with CBOSS launched a federal telecom operator offering a full range of services. The Operator’s subscribers can enjoy voice, data and SMS services in a single space with no roaming charges across Russia. The full-featured convergent Mid-Range solution from CBOSS is used as the billing system of the new federal telecom operator that provides services in GSM/UMTS/LTE networks covering dozens of Russian cities.

Thanks to CBOSS Solution’s Unique Flexibility and Additional Components Orange Armenia Quickly Launches a New Spring Offer

CBOSS and Orange Armenia presented subscribers with a new prepaid service on the Day of Maternity and Beauty celebrated in Armenia on April 7. The branched multi-component service operation logic is implemented through the basic functionality of the CBOSSconvergence3 solution and the pre-integrated option CBOSSip::PCRF Policy and Charging Rule Function, one of the latest developments from CBOSS.

CBOSS – Single Point of Responsibility!

At the end of 2014, CBOSS, a manufacturer of high-performance convergent BSS solutions for the telecom market, signed an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) agreement with Symantec, a global leader in providing infrastructure software and services for information security and management.