CBOSS Helps to Implement Mobile and Fixed Numbers Portability in Moldova

More and more countries are formalizing in the legislation the concept of Mobile Number Portability (MNP), which enables subscribers to retain their current mobile numbers when switching to another mobile network operator. The lawmakers in the Republic of Moldova have gone even further and legislated the opportunity to keep one’s current landline phone number when changing the fixed network operator (Fixed Number Portability, FNP). To enable MNP&FNP, network operators need to carry out large-scale preliminary work to prepare the existing network and IT infrastructure for the number portability process and to be able to provide ported subscribers with services and marketing offers that are available to “regular” subscribers of the recipient operator.

Overview of the Results of CBOSS and Orange Armenia Cooperation in 2013

Close and mutually beneficial cooperation between CBOSS and Orange Armenia keeps paying off. In 2013, CBOSS experts set up and launched a great variety of interesting marketing offers for various categories of Orange subscribers in Armenia, taking into account the needs of most demanding end users.

CBOSS is ready to create jobs specifically for Ukrainians

Due to the current extraordinary political and economical environment in Ukraine, everyone should do what they can to help people who are in such a difficult situation CBOSS therefore urgently allocated additional funds for the new “Ukraine” region of Creative … Continued

CBOSS/HP Technology Seminar: Experts in NonStop Technology to Share Exclusive Knowledge with Young People in Taganrog, Russia

Nonstop improvement of products offered to the ICT market is an integral part of CBOSS’ development strategy. To ensure the stability and future development of the customers’ business, it is critical to foresee the ever-increasing market requirements for the functionality, quality, scalability, efficiency, reliability, and flexibility of IT solutions for telecommunications. This continuously increases the importance of the quality of knowledge among specialists in development, implementation, and technical support of company solutions and products.

CBOSS Helps Orange Armenia Increase its Customers’ Loyalty in Lead Up to MNP Services Launch

CBOSS, a leading multinational company in the field of telecom business automation, has successfully completed a new project for Orange Armenia – launch of Phone Fund marketing offer aimed at enhancing the relationship between the telco and its customers. Thanks to the Phone Fund offer, loyal customers of Orange Armenia can now treat themselves and their loved ones to a new smartphone at an attractive price. The marketing offer, set up by CBOSS experts, is to become yet another competitive advantage of the telecom operator in anticipation of MNP law’s coming into effect in the Republic of Armenia.

Creative Intelligence Contest: Intellect as a Means of Strategic Enhancement of the Quality and Competitive Advantage of CBOSS Products and Services

The ever growing market demand for the functionality and other consumer properties of the products, for the quality of professional services, with the expectation of relative decrease of their prices, dictate the requirements for the increase of the CBOSS employees productivity, which in its turn makes obvious the necessity to enhance the systematic approach, conceptual & methodical integrity, personal organization, and effectiveness of each and every employees’ work, and this is especially true for company executives.

CBOSS Completes the Project on the Modernization of the Hardware/Software Platform of a Subsidiary of Russia’s Nationwide Telco

CBOSS and the subsidiary of Russia’s nationwide telecom holding completed a project to extend the Operator’s hardware platform and upgrade some of its components. The upgrade of the platform became the key to the effective delivery of services to the Operator’s fast-growing subscriber base. The project also enhanced the performance, thus allowing the deployment of the next generation services.