CBOSS Provides Technical Assistance for Restructuring of Russia’s First 4G Operator

CBOSS technically backed restructuring of the business of Yota, the first Russian 4G operator. In Yota’s two financially independent business units, Skartel LLC and recently established Yota LLC, customer care had been enabled by the CBOSSbcc Billing and Customer Care System. This allowed the operator to carry out restructuring without compromising the continuity of telecommunications services and the set of services customary for its subscribers.

CBOSS Connects Subscribers of West Siberian Branch of Russia’s Nationwide Telco to its Convergent Billing and Customer Care System

CBOSS and the West Siberian branch of Russia’s nationwide telecom company jointly implemented a project to provide customer care to the operator’s subscribers through the CBOSSbcc Billing and Customer Care System. For several years before the start of the project, the system had been ensuring successful operation of a large East Siberian mobile network operator, a 100% subsidiary of the mentioned national telecom company. Now, the West Siberian branch uses the CBOSSbcc system supporting business processes of the subsidiary.

CBOSS Clearly Demonstrates the Benefits of its Convergent Solution to a Cellular Operator in Central Asia

CBOSS and a Central Asian cellular Operator successfully completed a joint pilot project. During the project implementation, the Customer received strong evidence of the comprehensive functionality, flexibility, and high availability of the convergent solution from CBOSS. The multiple features were demonstrated based on the CBOSSrtb product in full compliance with the customer-developed test scenarios.

CBOSS Configured New Version of Best Selling CUG Service at Orange Armenia

Engineers of CBOSS, a major transnational vendor of solutions for complex automation of the telecommunications business, has configured and started for commercial operation an updated version of a popular Orange service enabling subscribers to communicate within closed user group (CUG) on more beneficial terms. The enriched service “With Each Other” is now a full-fledged convergent offer available to postpaid and prepaid subscribers with various tariff plans and payment methods, i.e. the advance and credit ones.

The Sun Never Sets on the Territory Covered with Russia’s Largest Fiber-Optic Communications Network. And Now It Always Shines on the Convergent Billing and Customer Care System from CBOSS

As part of a long-term cooperation with the Operator, CBOSS implemented an ambitious project to centralize settlements for communications services. 17 branches of the Operator interact with the control center via the convergent billing and customer care system CBOSSbcc. All settlements for communications services are fully automated.

CBOSS develops new solutions for Orange Armenia Internet service

2012 saw a productive and mutually beneficial cooperation between CBOSS and Orange Armenia, a 100% subsidiary of the Orange Group. During 12 months, CBOSS’ engineers configured and participated in the launch of many unique and beneficial offers to the Orange Internet users in Armenia.