CBOSS is one of the world leaders in the development of innovative realtime highly available convergent IT solutions for end-to-end automation of telecommunications businesses, such as real-time billing, customer care, network management, business intelligence, and CRM, giving a competitive advantage to telecom operators on all inhabited continents.

The name of our company – CBOSS, stands for Convergent Business Operations Support Systems, which reflects the core of what we do and our philosophy.

CBOSS offers the full range of hardware, system and application software, and professional services, including consulting, turnkey implementations, technical support, staff training and IT outsourcing, providing telecoms with guaranteed operations quality while minimizing operational and capital expenditures.

CBOSS can supply operators, service providers and MVNOs with all components of IT infrastructure and/or services, as well as full-scale outsourcing options, providing a reliable and convenient single point of responsibility.

Telecom groups can benefit from CBOSS software replication – when almost identical systems are used by several operators of the group, drastically cutting TCO and overall IT expenses, ensuring sharing of innovative business ideas and IT SOPs between operators.

CBOSS is rapidly expanding its geography and entering new markets. Today dozens of millions of mobile, fixed, Internet, and VoIP subscribers all around the globe are served by CBOSS technologies

Comprehensive approach

CBOSS has developed a customer-centric comprehensive approach to the creation of large-scale BSS solutions for telecommunications operators. Our unique product portfolio is designed to satisfy every IT need of a telecom company. CBOSS not only develops application software, but also delivers fully integrated industrial convergent end-to-end IT solutions and provides warranty and support for all its components and their integrations. Offering full range of hardware, system and application software and professional services, including consulting, turnkey implementations, technical support, staff training and IT outsourcing, CBOSS provides telecoms with guaranteed operations quality and minimizes operational and capital expenditures

Competent in both information technologies and telecommunications, CBOSS experts provide customers with assistance in any complex business issues, contribute to their leadership and competitive advantage.


CBOSS is an independent private and financially stable company not exposed to any risks associated with shareholders or external influence and control. This makes its decisions absolutely independent, impartial and incorruptible. CBOSS is independent of aggressive financial and industrial groups and is open to strategic partnership, which allows it to pursue flexible, customer-oriented policies

Management technologies

CBOSS’ conceptual strategy focuses not only on development, but also on the most efficient use of state-of-the-art technologies for production and management processes.

CBOSS quality management system has been certified for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015.


For many clients, CBOSS convergent technologies have paved the path from their market inception to full maturity.

Supporting the best traditions of the computer science, and having more than 15 years experience of developing industrial integrated convergent IT solutions and delivering them to the international telecom market, CBOSS is ready to share the knowledge with the customers.


CBOSS boasts international intellectual, scientific and technical capabilities. CBOSS has assembled a strong team of highly qualified professionals, including the best graduates of leading universities.

CBOSS business is managed using scientific formalized methodology that guarantees successful and consistent control and improvement.

Implementing efficient administrative and social policies, CBOSS consistently promotes the best employees – most talented, energetic and creative. Encouraging creativity, accumulating and growing the intellectual capital allows our technologies to stay ahead of competition.


CBOSS is demonstrating ideas, knowledge and ICT expertise on the global market where its competitiveness has been proven by contracts won against acknowledged world’s leading vendors and by dozens of successful replacements of their solutions

Unique functionality, convergence and high availability make CBOSS solutions the product of choice for many carriers and ser­vice providers. CBOSS is proving its leadership in the open competition: according to its mission, the ambitious goal is to capture a global market share comparable to that of the leading vendors, while the ultimate goal is to become the world’s leader in the IT for telecoms segment. CBOSS provides a huge potential and opportunities for a telecom operator to makes its investment in the evolving   technologies   especially   profitable   and rewarding.