CBOSSivvr - Video IVR service, that brings new features to a regular IVR service, making it more attractive. Subscribers can call there, view videos on particular phone settings, view a map of company office location and so on. With video calls, many customer problems could be solved remotely as proper instructions could be provided to the customer for self-help. Customers’ frustration with traditional voice-based IVR, where they are made to speak to machine, would also reduce, as through video IVR they can talk to customer care staff face to face.

CBOSSmcm – marketing campaign management. Provides end-to-end campaign management including the selection of target audience, planning of marketing offers, setting of campaign parameters, evaluation of campaign effectiveness, and on-the-fly modification of campaigns. The target audience must best meet the campaign goals CBOSSmcm allows a considerable increase in customer loyalty and value, unrivalled effectiveness and lower cost of marketing campaigns.

CBOSSbonus - Bonus Management System – is a convenient and flexible tool to reward loyal customers. It provides discounts to profitable customers for telco’s and partners’ services and products boosting customer acquisition and loyalty.

CBOSSacc - Automatic Customer Care, including IVR, SMS and USSD self-service interfaces. The IVR mode provides customer self-care functionality, while automatic notifications inform customers of the approaching zero balance, new service and tariff offerings, etc.

CBOSSics - Internet Customer Service – allows subscribers to manage accounts and services, obtain updated info on account operations and profile, control their account balance, register payments (by bank cards or vouchers), order bills and call itemizations and much more via the Internet.

CBOSSics-corporate – corporate sub-system. CBOSSics-corporate provides corporate and family subscribers with a convenient tool for controlling expenses and managing several accounts and service applications simultaneously.

CBOSSota - a system for remote configuration and automatic load of settings on subscriber handsets. Subscribers can get the settings either by filing a request via the operator’s website, or by sending an SMS to the dedicated number. At registration of a new handset in operator’s network, CBOSSota can automatically detect the handset model, selects the required settings and sends them to the subscriber handset.

CBOSSwcc - Web Customer Care Interface – is a hardware/software solution enabling a wide range of remote customer care functionalities.

CBOSSyz – an effective tool which enables an operator to provide its subscribers with the unique opportunity to make calls at discounts dynamically varying according to cell traffic, time and day. The technology can be deployed on the existing infrastructure of operator, which reduces cost of new service launch.