CBOSSivvr Interactive Voice and Video Response

Interactive voice and video response (IVVR) is a mobile technology that enables interactive services based on a 3G video call. CBOSSivvr brings new features to a regular IVR service, making it more attractive.

CBOSSivvr is a powerful information provisioning tool that allows subscribers to interactively receive account balance, company info, dialing and service rules, etc.

In addition, CBOSSivvr allows subscribers on their own to manage services, register payments and perform many other operations, which to a great extent strengthens loyalty and boost service usage.


IVVR is using the 3G video call technology to deliver applications and services to 3G users. In contrast to person-to-person video telephony, an application server answers when a 3G user places a video call. The application server generates and transmits an audio and video stream that is shown on the handset of the caller.

Instead of a real person or scene, the application server can transmit any kind of audio and video—whether a pre-recorded “talking head”, movie trailer, a live feed from TV, or a video showing traffic information—or even the order process for electronic shopping. As 3G video calls are generally bidirectional, the user is automatically sending the handset’s build-in camera and microphone signals to the other party. This paves the ground for interactive applications based on gesture and speech recognition. Another, simpler way to realise interaction is by processing DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) signals sent with the 3G-324M session when the caller uses the handset’s numpad to type.

  • Remote video self-service functionality.
  • Customized visual menus with DTMF support.
  • Automatic video notifications.
  • Multiple video notification channels.
  • Video guides.
  • Advertisements insertion.
  • Multi-language support.

CBOSSivvr can integrate with any external database (including prepaid and postpaid billing databases), which allows CBOSSivvr to request the information from the database, generate dynamic video messages and forward them to subscribers, enabling interactive and on-demand notification. In addition, it allows CBOSSivvr to receive process and register any subscriber data (payments, service profile updates, etc.) in the database.

CBOSSivvr can also integrate with a wide range of information systems, including VAS services, providing them with auto-notification channels. The integration with loyalty support systems (e.g., CBOSSbonus) enables bonus account management and bonus balance inquiries via CBOSSivvr.

  • Increased revenue from advertisements.
  • Effective additional notification channels.
  • Stronger subscriber loyalty due to the improved quality of customer care, delivery, information and marketing services.
  • More personalization and more interaction than MMS or HTTP-based solutions.