Real-Time Charging

To ensure success on today’s ever-changing telecom markets, network operators and service providers are seeking for new, advanced solutions to assure revenues, prevent late payments, eliminate bad debts, enhance the spectrum of services, control and manage fraud, and address other multiple challenges inherent in the highly competitive telecom business. Prepaid technology is also attractive to subscribers who appreciate simple contracts, absence of bills and the ability to obtain their current balance any time, anywhere.

The following CBOSS products are designed to organise the real-time billing system for telco operator:

CBOSSrtb ­- Real-time Charging Platform – is a high-end real-time online 2G/3G/LTE charging solution implementing multiple charging models (bearer, event and session based charging) through industry supported standard online charging protocols and interfaces. In particular, it implements OCS (Online Charging System in 3GPP terminology) specification of IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) architecture, which is crucial for NGN BSS.

CBOSSrtb enables multiple payment methods (prepaid, postpaid or hybrid), and supports the enforcement of real-time credit controls and policies to minimize revenue leakage and maximize revenue.

CBOSSrtb solution benefits:

  • Enables new and expanded revenue streams including full support for MVNO business models
  • Accelerates time to market
  • Includes extensive rating capabilities to enable differentiating marketing campaign
  • Delivers the performance required for dynamic real-time charging

Enables smooth integration and future proof compatibility.

CBOSSprepaid – Intelligent Prepaid Platform – is a lite solution enabling real-time expenditure and account balance control, and convenient top-up. The solution is suitable for start-up carriers, MVNOs and service providers Classic IN, Service Node or VoIP configurations are provided, supporting multiple mobile standards, as well as CAMEL and USSD CallBack roaming technologies.