To all of its customers, CBOSS offers consulting services to support the customer business processes and technologies. CBOSS experts possess extensive expertise in the analysis, diagnostics and troubleshooting of customer issues, planning of further network development to enable efficient operation of CBOSS solutions empowering overall efficiency of a telco.

Strategic/Operational Consulting

Engineering of OSS/BSS technological processes

Designing business processes and technologies of their automation in the CBOSS solution in full compliance with customer business requirements.

Automation of business processes

Developing end-to-end projects for implementation and automation of any additional business process in the CBOSS solution.

Development of technological instructions for personnel

Developing instructions on execution of technological operations and regular procedures.

Creation of requirements to personnel and organizational structure

Creating requirements to the personnel and organization of technological processes.

Product development support

Product development support is a service purpose designed to provide faster time-to-market, higher efficiency and resource optimization for any new services and marketing campaigns.

The service user is assigned a group of consultants coordinating new product launch.

The consultants fulfill the following tasks:

  • Coordination of the customer’s marketing and IT departments in course of preparation and launch of new services
  • Analysis and coordination of new product concept and business requirements taking into account functionality of the CBOSS solution, which allows the optimal implementation of the new service
  • Preparation of the optimal technical solution, including, if necessary, integration with third-party products
  • Estimation of necessity and resources required for CBOSS product revisions
  • Coordination of revision implementation
  • Participation in preparation of all necessary documentation, including configuration guidelines and deployment plan.

Technological Audit

Technological audit is a bundle of services for customers running various CBOSS products. It is intended to enhance the overall operation and business performance through more efficient product usage. The audit reveals explicit and hidden technological and technical problems and provides in-depth analysis of customer requirements and proposals.

Technological audit may be performed for separate CBOSS products or for the entire hardware&software solution.

Analytical CRM Consulting

A key task of any telecom, no matter whether it is a start-up or a long established company, is optimization of product portfolio and marketing campaigns to retain and attract subscribers. Successful competition on the highly saturated market requires regular marketing studies to learn what customers really need.

CBOSS’ CRM consulting services coupled with the CBOSSdm solution helps operators to fulfill the task at minimum costs.

The CRM consulting is based on data mining technologies and enables efficient analysis and detection of customer behavior patterns.

CRM consulting includes:

  • Customer base segmentation by customer value
  • Detection of potential churners
  • Analysis of subscriber behavior, segmentation by services, and comparison of the market segments used by the telecom and existing in real life
    Service consumption analysis to detect the most successful service combinations.
  • CBOSSdm is a CRM project support system that hides complex algorithms, providing marketing experts with a powerful set of easy-to-use marketing research tools.