CBOSSconvergence High-End is a highly available integrated convergent solution, scalable to 100+ millions of subscribers. The solution supports a full range of telecom services, including mobile communications (GSM, iDEN, CDMA, 3G and 4G), wireline communications, IP billing, interconnect, roaming data processing, etc.

The kernel of the solution is formed by two systems, closely integrated and interoperating: CBOSSrtb real-time charging component and CBOSSbcc billing and customer care component. Thus mission-critical reliability of the real-time charging component is supported by the flexibility and advanced functionality of the billing component.

 Mission-critical components of the solution are redundant. The real-time modules reside in the CBOSS NonStop continuous availability computing platform that enables almost linear scalability with no downtime. With a typical traffic model one full transaction processing node is able to serve over 100 million subscribers in real time. As multiple nodes can be clustered the processing capacity is practically unlimited protecting you investment.

Transaction processing is implemented using a mated architecture that provides outstanding reliability. This architecture shares the load between two or more geographically dispersed server nodes for increased performance and disaster recovery capabilities. The system data is continuously synchronized for seamless switchover in the event of failure.

With mated architecture system platform upgrades and updates can be made without downtime. While one server node is down for maintenance operations, other nodes run the load and all services are available. Those our Customers who run CBOSSrtb for 10 years without even a second of downtime, can attest to high availability of CBOSS architecture.

CBOSSrtb flexible rating engine enables a variety of tailored services to subscribers. New rating rules can be generated and applied in real time to match current market needs of existing and newly identified customer segments. In addition to one-time pricing, the tariff plans enable pricing based on duration, volume, content, time of day, day of week, and time zone, as well as on location and terminating number.

Bundled offerings for voice calls, data, messaging and commerce services can be created promptly for recruiting new subscribers, for encouraging existing users to continue the subscription, or for simply increasing the use of the existing accounts.

Rating options enable different usage or recharging based bonuses, closed user group pricing, hybrid usage of prepaid and post-paid accounts and private and corporate accounts, zone based services and so forth. Besides voice calls, CBOSS solution is capable of providing tailored rating mechanisms also for data event types, all in real time. This makes it possible to predefine service packages consisting, for example, of a certain amount of SMS messages and data bytes in a month.

The solution back-end CBOSSbcc’s functionality covers a lot of ground in the billing and customer care areas.

On top of that the solution may incorporate other products, produced by CBOSS. CBOSS specialists will design and size the solution that meets operator business needs and market strategy.