CBOSSconvergence mid-range is an integrated convergent BSS solution, scalable up into 10M subscribers range. The solution supports a full range of telecom services, including mobile communications (GSM, iDEN, CDMA, 3G and 4G), wireline communications, IP billing, interconnect, roaming data processing, etc.

CBOSSconvergence mid-range solution is based on Windows and *nix mid-range servers. This guarantees a low TCO and sufficient performance. The solution is designed for startups and middle-size telecom operators, and provides availability level standard for the industry and on par with competing implementations, or slightly better, because of the unified hardware platform used in our implementations.

Operators seeking by far superior availability and scalability, should evaluate CBOSS high-end offering, which scales up into 100+ million range of subscribers, ensures 100ms real time SCP (and OCS) response time and legendary lack of downtime.

The kernel of the solution is formed by two systems, closely integrated and interoperating: CBOSSprepaid real-time charging system and CBOSSbcc billing and customer care system. Thus high reliability of the real-time charging system is supported by the flexibility and advanced functionality of the billing system.

CBOSSprepaid allows subscribers to control their spending and monitor their account status in real time, as well as top up the account in any convenient way.

With a multipurpose flexible rating system, telecom operators can create versatile tariffs and personalized prepaid service bundles.

CBOSSprepaid offers a wide list of rating options:

  • Various rating units depending on call type and direction (incoming, outgoing, local, long-distance, international, etc.)
  • Region-based rating.
  • Closed user group call rating.
  • CAP Phase 3-based online rating of SMSs.
  • Friends&Family call rating.
  • Discounts based on multiple conditions such as call direction and duration, active services/service usage, subscriber loyalty, location, etc.
  • Special prices for calls to special numbers, e.g. to airline booking offices, and many other ways to modify call rating.

Roaming is supported thanks to the use of the CAMEL technology in intelligent networks, the IS-826 standard in WIN networks, and the USSD-CallBack technology.

The solution back-end CBOSSbcc’s functionality covers a lot of ground in the billing and customer care areas.

On top of that the solution may incorporate other products, produced by CBOSS. CBOSS specialists will design and size the solution that meets operator business needs and market strategy.