CBOSS puts every effort to deliver high-quality integrated turnkey hardware and software solutions. The company offers a full range of design and implementation services.

Solution Design

  • Existing customer ICT state evaluation
  • Requirements and capacity analysis
  • Evaluation of possibility/path of integration of existing systems into the designed solution
  • Architecture and sizing of the solution
  • Preparing the Customer business process optimization proposal based on our expertise, and proposed solution features and configuration.

Solution Implementation

  • Hardware, system and application software installation and configuration according to the solution design
  • Data migration (if needed)
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Solution customization, documentation, preparing for the operation
  • Configuration and documentation of the SOPs for all newly automated solution based business processes
  • End-user training
  • Complete system diagnostics in the workload environment
  • Test operation, on-site technical support of it, including the first billing
  • Sign off into production operation

Our industrial, fully tested and documented implementation technology guarantees work quality and timeliness, a typical implementation project takes about sixteen weeks.

Product Implementation – Systems Integration

CBOSS experts integrate the existing or new CBOSS products with third-party components . Systems integration services feature:

  • Design and turnkey implementation of comprehensive scalable systems for carriers operating in different areas of telecommunications (mobile – GSM, AMPS/DAMPS, CDMA, LTE, WiFi, WiMAX, satellite, wireline), ISPs, Triple play/Multiple play providers, MVNE/MVNO, transit operators, etc.
  • Network design, deployment and audit
  • Solution of problems related to CBOSS and third-party products (for example, technical or technological aspects of a company merger including data migration across homogeneous or heterogeneous information systems).

Integration project covers technical issues and features guidelines for technology and product usage optimization, as well as tight integration of CBOSS products into customer business processes.

Data Migration

Many telcos running in-house or industrial billing systems face the need to expand their infrastructures . A natural solution is the replacement of the legacy system by the one offering wider functionality. However, many carriers are anxious that such replacement will negatively impact customer service.

CBOSS has a proven track record of on-the-fly data migration from various billing systems. A special division in CBOSS specializes in the development of special migration software and migrates customer data from the legacy solution to CBOSSbcc.