Today’s telecommunications markets are characterized by:

  • Tough economic environment
  • Declining ARPU
  • Ever increasing competition

To survive and prosper operators should be able to sustain explosive growth in bandwidth usage and tame the pressure it applies to the network infrastructure, deal with declining QoS and provide high-quality customer care, make sure new services and products time-to-market is very short, innovate and find new, attractive business models and revenue stream to maintain healthy business, and, of cause, have a very tight and accurate grip on their spending. This makes the use of a reliable and robust OSS/BSS solution a key factor in achieving success in this tough environment.

Operators want their OSS/BSS to have:

  • Smarter data service tiers
  • Convergency, including FMC, voice and data and content control
  • OTT content rating
  • Smarter cloud services

CBOSS solutions are built with those requirements in mind and are based on the company’s award-winning products and deep technical and business expertise. We offer vertically integrated convergent solutions in the following fields:

Convergent nature of CBOSS solutions facilitates automation of operators, providing services in any combination of the above listed areas.

With our solutions, service providers can monetize the value of each subscriber transaction while making the subscriber experience more personal.

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