Dealer Sales

Nowadays, running a successful telco business requires adequate provision for the growing subscriber base and sales volume that is hardly possible without expansion of dealer network. However, effective management of remote dealers is fraught with numerous problems, remote activation via slow links being one of the most demanding tasks. Another challenge is provision of customer care, sales and services from remote branches that may be located at a significant distance from the central office.
Another vital problem telcos face is the dealer’s automatic accounting of equipment, commission fees for subscriber connection, traffic, etc.

The following CBOSS products are designed to organise and support the effective dealers network for telco operator:

  • CBOSSisp – Internet Sales Point – is purpose-designed to support remote sales, customer registration and customer care via a dialup or dedicated connection to the central database. The technology enables a full-scale remote office for dealers, service providers and operator branches.
  • CBOSSacr – Internet Cash Register – allows the operator and its dealers to register payments via switched low-bandwidth channels or the Internet, dramatically reducing requirements to the cash register’s software.