Constructive Intellect Contest – your chance to develop your career with us

CBOSS Orient FZ-LLC, residing in the IT-cluster “Dubai Internet City” (United Arab Emirates), is a provider of innovative convergent IT-solutions for a very competitive telecom market with customers around the world.

Being in the center of innovations, keeping up with tough competitors, creating state-of-the-art technologies requires a strong and competent team of managers and experts in many areas: from hardware and IT to sales and legal. And all this conglomerate of various professionals should be incorporated in an efficient management structure that ensures flawless execution of business processes and projects, delivery of results in time and with the highest quality. Therefore we constantly seek for active, flexible, and talented candidates who might join us to further promote our success.

As a future-looking company, we employ innovations in all parts of our business; that is what it takes to be effective and efficient in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape. In 2017, we partnered with several companies from different countries*, which share our philosophy, to organize and conduct a Constructive Intellect Contest (CIC) – a global search, selection, and recruitment project based on new technologies that would allow us to find candidates matching our needs and offer them jobs (both onsite, with relocation to Dubai, and remote) matching their capacities. We believe that it is not age, education, or experience what is most important, but candidate’s (maybe not yet discovered) capabilities and potential which we know how to unleash, develop, and apply to achieve practical business results.

During the previous CIC season (which was a proof of concept) several prominent candidates had been found, joined our team and now demonstrate results in different areas of management and expertise. This first success inspired us for a large scale project, and now, together with our partners, we offer more than 800 prizes worth above $1 500 000 combined. Yes, you have counted zeros correctly – it is one and a half million dollars!

It is always a pleasure to work with highly motivated people who have a systemic thinking, but it is always hard to find ones. Constructive Intellect Contest is a tool that makes it possible. On the other hand, it gives such people a chance to apply their potential to exciting and challenging tasks, – says Anastasia, Member of the Board of Directors.

We have done our part – prepared a lot of chances and possibilities for you. Now, it is your turn to take part in the Constructive Intellect Contest Season 2017, prove your capacities by solving interesting online tasks and taking part in offline events. In the end, prizes of up to $30 000 and possibilities to become a part of our experienced team are waiting! Register today and use YOUR chance!

* Constructive Intellect Contest Strategic Partners: