Data Charging and Policy Control

CBOSSip - scalable Internet Platform – is a certified IP Mediation solution enabling mobile and fixed-line operators to capitalize on streamlining the full range of Internet services, ensure differentiated access and content-based rating of IP services. The product enables flexible charging of content and data transfer services both in prepaid and postpaid modes as well as independent delivery of telecommunications services with use of prepaid service cards.

CBOSSip::Postpaid IP Billing – basic data charging option of the Internet Platform, which furnishes the provider with wide tariff opportunities and features for managing packet data transmission service for postpaid subscribers, including:

  • Flexible tariff plans enabling IP traffic account irrelevant of the data transfer environment and based on statistics received through RADIUS
  • Prevention of postpaid subscriber debt by timely suspension of service.

CBOSSip::Prepaid IP Billing – basic data charging option of the Internet Platform, which enables flexible prepaid charging of various types of IP traffic: inbound, outbound, and prevailing, depending on time of connection. The option is integrated with equipment for real-time monitoring and applying traffic and time quotas on high-speed data flows transmitted through IP broadband networks.

CBOSSip::Content Billing - advanced data charging option of the Internet Platform, which ensures differentiated access to IP services and rating based on the DPI technology.

The solution empowers a telecom operator to:

  • Charge IP services, by using the DPI technology, i.e. analysis of URL resource, protocols, application, etc.
  • Measure IP services in various units, for example, by traffic consumed, duration of video watched or number of sent/received e-mail letters
  • Organize centralized billing with unified logic of IP service provision and rating, irrelevant of the subscriber’s technology of data network access, by using DPI node
  • Ease integration with new content aggregators and providers
  • Leverage on its other features.

CBOSSip::PCRF – policy control option of the Internet Platform, which empowers management of QoS parameters and customer-specific charging accounting consumed traffic type. The solution offers telecom operators a tool for proactive response to general increase of IP traffic and optimized use of its resource.

CBOSSip::DIAMETER-translator – enhanced integration capabilities option of the In-ternet Platform, which integrates various networking equipment such as GGSN, SMSC, MMSC, with Online Charging System when their interaction via DIAMETER is aggravated or even impossible due to noncompliance of versions. DIAMETER-translator is also a load balancer with the feature of automatic failover.