Value-Added Services

Call Completion Services

CBOSSvideoMail - Video Mail service, enables subscribers, who for some reason cannot accept a video call, can receive video messages to specially created mailboxes. The service allows the subscriber to be always available for video communications. The Video Mail system allows a tele-com operator to increase phone and voice traffic (and consequently its revenues, too) thanks to the fact that none of the calls of video mail users are lost.

CBOSSnewNumber – with this service, all calling subscribers receive SMS or voice notification of the subscriber’s new number and the subscriber is notified by SMS of all calls on his old number. CBOSSnewNumber helps the operator to boost the consumed traffic as the service user contact remains available to other subscribers.

CBOSSvfmail - a voice/fax mail system allows sending voice or fax messages to an unavailable subscriber’s mailbox – multi-channel feature-rich answering machine.

CBOSSmissedCall - Missed Calls Notification Service. The solution also supports SMS availability alerts for callers.

CBOSSsplitCharging - Split Charging Service – allows subscribers to make collect calls or split charges between the called and calling parties. Subscribers can configure black and white lists (automatic rejection or acceptance of collect calls).

CBOSScallBack - Callback Service – allows a subscriber to order a call back from another subscriber by USSD, SMS or IVR. For both subscribers the call will be charged as incoming. In addition to the easy-to-use auto-dial, CBOSScallback provides prepaid roaming, when CAMEL is not supported.

CBOSSabd - Abbreviated Dialing System – provides an alias number to customers willing to conceal their real numbers. Calls to the alias number are forwarded to real numbers according to the schedule, and the actual number is replaced by the alias. Subscribers may use multiple alias numbers.

CBOSScallScreening - Call Filtering Service – allows automatic rejection or forwarding of unwanted or untimely calls, as well as outgoing call barring (e.g., parental control). Flexible call filters – black and white lists – are also supported.

CBOSScallMe - Notification Service – enables for free the customer to request a call from another customer. In addition CBOSScallme allows a customer to request someone to recharge his/her account. Using the two above mentioned functionalities, your customers will be able to stay in touch, even in case of low account balance one of them.

CBOSSwelcomeRoamer - Roamer Notification Service – enables carriers to notify in- and out-roamers by SMS With CBOSSwelcomeRoamer, travellers can get timely information about the local operators, available services, account balance, currency exchange rates, weather forecast and more.

CBOSSuan – Universal Access Number – enables a subscriber possessing several phones (mobile and fixed-line) to be always available on a single number.


CBOSSvideoRBT - service that extends the functionality of the well-proven CRBT service. It enables subscribers to set their own videos to be played to the calling party when a video call is setting up. Such video clips can either be selected from the database or ordered from a content provider.

CBOSSvideoPortal - an interactive entertainment portal the subscriber gets to by dialing a dedicated number. Now, subscribers’ favorite entertainment video portals are available on mobiles. The service allows subscriber to access the required video content even when Internet connection is not configured, and even a browser is not installed.

CBOSSmcms - Mobile Content Management System – provides users with the ability to order and download rich media content from multiple content providers (via SMS, USSD, IVR, or Web) directly to their mobile phones, and to send text and multimedia messages from the telco’s website.

CBOSScrbt - Color Ring Back Tones – allows subscribers to replace standard ring back, unavailable and busy tones/notifications with user-defined sound fragments (music, voice messages, sound effects, etc.). The sound fragments can be selected from the database or recorded by the subscriber.

CBOSSvote - Automatic Votes and Competitions System – registers subscriber replies received via SMS, USSD, WEB, or voice channels. Main application areas are interactive TV, marketing research, free and paid quizzes, games, and betting.

CBOSSadvt – an effective advertising tool which enables adding ads to standard replies to customer requests into SMS and USSD. The Advertisement service allows the telecom operator to notify subscribers of new services, tariffs, and campaigns. With CBOSSadvt, operator can combine commercial offers and useful info to make sure that ads reach the target audience.


CBOSSvideoSMS - service is used to exchange video messages between subscribers. The service has the same scheme as a text messaging service (SMS) but operates with self-recorded video messages. The service can be used for making wishes to somebody, advertising, recording video notes to other subscribers or yourself and for other purposes.

CBOSSmms - Multimedia Messaging Service Center – allows MMS sending from phones, e-mail, websites and via various external applications. Subscribers order multimedia resources from content providers. CBOSSmms flexibly adapts multimedia messages to the capabilities of the target device. Messages may be rated in course of delivery.

CBOSSismsgw - Intelligent SMS Gateway allows you to tackle all SMSC related problems. CBOSSismsgw is a versatile SMS gateway, which can integrate with the operator’s switch and process all SMS traffic, while boosting SMSC performance and enabling SMS message rating, connection of client applications and SMPP routing. It is also can be used as a bidirectional SMS gateway between GSM and CDMA networks.

CBOSSsms - Short Message Service Center – supports all functions of a modern SMSC and a wide range of traditional and innovative value-added services. An open interface enables seamless integration with external systems from different manufacturers.

CBOSSsms NonStop – the new implementation of acknowledged CBOSSsms is a hi-end short message service center providing availability and performance never experienced before. The solution has an absolutely different, fully redundant and distributed architecture enabled by the ultra reliable and scalable hardware platform. New CBOSSsms has been purpose-designed to help service providers successfully overcome these challenges CBOSSsms guarantees 100% delivery of all messages without any losses.

CBOSSussd - USSD Messaging Center – provides high-speed interactive communication between subscribers and USSD applications (self-care, chargeable value-added services, etc.). The solution is an alternative to IVR, allowing the reduction of the load on voice channels and support of GSM USSD Phase I/II In roaming, USSD-based services are available for both post- and prepaid subscribers.

CBOSSussdLike - USSD-like Service Provisioning System – provides high-speed access between customers and various interactive applications in CDMA and other non-GSM networks. CBOSSussdLike allows cellular operators to considerably enhance the range of services, increase data transmission rate for interactive applications, and optimize resource usage.

CBOSSsmsRouter - SMS Router – an effective tool for consolidation of the operator’s wide-area SMS Centers, and connection of external systems: email servers, call centers, Web applications, service and content providers. The product enables creation of unified SMS environment, fast deployment and update of SMS services.

CBOSSsms2voice - enables SMS exchange between mobile and PSTN subscribers and SMS delivery to a fixed-line phone. For a sender service use is similar to standard SMS sending, while reception is similar to a standard incoming call: the recipient picks up the phone, listens to a welcome message and the voice message.

Corporate services

CBOSSvpn - Virtual Private Network – is designed to integrate mobile terminals into a single corporate telephone network based on a private numbering plan. The solution allows the client company to manage the allocated numbering capacity, break numbers into domains, and use abbreviated dialing. Calls are controlled through various restrictions (group and personal), limitations and separation of personal and business calls.

Services Creation

CBOSSsdp - Service Delivery Platform – enables an operator to develop new IN services using an intuitive friendly GUI. CBOSSsdp features a large number of functional blocks and supports user-defined service independent blocks (SIBs) to implement any service logic. Service creation requires no programming skills or in-depth knowledge of the underlying architecture, while time and financial costs for service development are minimized.

Core Components

CBOSSeir – a standard 3GPP entity that provides access restriction of mobile devices to the operator network. CBOSSeir supports black, white and gray lists of IMEIs (device IDs). It also can be integrated with external IMEI databases such as CEIR. CBOSSeir is designed for blocking and tracking of stolen devices, restrict access from unlicensed or unwanted devices, lock devices to the network from the operator side etc.