CBOSSsms2voice SMS-to-Voice Gateway

CBOSSsms2voice supports SMS reception, conversion into voice and delivery.

It enables SMS exchange between mobile and PSTN subscribers and SMS delivery to standard fixed-line phones.


For the sender, service use is similar to standard SMS sending: the subscriber inputs SMS text, message validity period, and the destination number preceded by the sms2voice code. When the message is delivered, the sender receives an SMS notification. Message reception is similar to a standard inbound phone call: the recipient picks up the receiver, listens to a welcome message, sender info and the voice message.

  • SMS conversion to voice and delivery to non-SMS-enabled phones
  • Repeated delivery attempts (in case of unsuccessful delivery)
  • Preset service availability periods (date ranges, time-of-day intervals)
  • Delivery status reporting
  • Sender’s name and number playback
  • Various message validity periods
  • Adjustable voice pitch, speed, volume
  • Voice postcards

CBOSSsms2voice easily integrates various billing systems, including CBOSSbcc. The solution also integrates with any SMSC via SMPP.

  • Stronger subscriber loyalty and customer acquisition enabled by a new, easy-to-use and unique service
  • SMS exchange with PSTN subscribers
  • Enhanced support of media content in mobile networks