Technical Support

Single Point of Responsibility

CBOSS offers comprehensive technical support for all supplied equipment, system and application software. Our Technical Support Service represents the single «access point» for the customer and takes on full responsibility for the operation of all components of a Convergent Solution, including hardware and systems software, integrations between them and solution as a whole.
This addresses the issue “whom should I talk to about this problem” – any issues with the Convergent Solution are reported to CBOSS Technical Support, our support engineers identify how to process them and execute on that.

Support System

Technical support is available 24 x 7 x 365. Our trouble ticketing system supports multiple channels for trouble ticket submission:

  • registered immediately from the running program
  • via CBOSS web site
  • e-mail
  • by phone

State-of-the-art Trouble Ticket System

All customer requests are registered and served through a proprietary issue tracking system, which is hand crafted for efficient telecom-specific ticket processing. All problems are recorded via several channels (see above). The unique advantage of having a single solution vendor, which comes from single point of responsibility for all hardware and software components, is that all teams related to the ticket processing, can do it in parallel, thus reducing the processing time and increasing the quality of the output. All the work is then assembled back by the support engineers and reported back to the customer. Customer has the opportunity to rate the resolution on several aspects, or escalate, if necessary, all of which helps us to evaluate and improve the support and other internal processes.

Ticket priority

Тickets are prioritized so that each customer can determine the urgency of an arising problem and its impact. This allows for the most efficient resolution of urgent problems.

Guaranteed problem resolution

We stand behind our products: if the emergency cannot be handled remotely, a CBOSS engineers are commissioned to the site.

Progress monitoring

The customer can view the trouble ticket status and progress at the CBOSS site. The trouble ticket processing is also monitored by the project manager.

Individual support

We take our responsibility before our customers very seriously. Customers are assigned a commercial account manager and a technical account manager who work with their customer on a day-to-day basis. If necessary, a team of specialists could be dispatched to the customer site, or customer can order on on-site support engineer for extended periods of time (on-site support is subjected to the terms of the contract).

Wide range of additional services

The customer can order additional maintenance services – see our consulting offerings.

Knowledge database

Allows customers to promptly handle some problems. The knowledge database contains recommendations, instructions, and FAQs. All information is systematized by the business process and the question/problem type. The search tools allow for fast and successful searching

Enhanced performance

By the results of technological audits and performance analysis of basic business processes, we offer recommendations for more efficient operation of CBOSS products, as well as modernization of IT infrastructure architecture