Billing and Customer Care

CBOSSbcc – Billing and Customer Care System – is an integrated software/hardware solution enabling automation of any telecom activity CBOSS-bcc features:

  • Flexible charging schemes
  • End-to-end customer care
  • Billing
  • Settlements with subscribers and automated credit control
  • Inventory accounting and sales automation
  • Preparation of accounting data
  • Partnership management: dealers, service providers, and roaming partners
  • Reporting: a rich variety of aggregated and itemized reports.

CBOSSbcc supports the whole range of telecom services: mobile communications (GSM, iDEN, CDMA, 3G and 4G), wireline communications, IP billing, interconnect, roaming data processing, etc.

CBOSSnrtrde - NRTRDE Support Subsystem – NRTRDE (Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange) is a technology purpose-designed to help telecommunications companies decrease revenue losses caused by roaming fraud. The technology is substituting for out-of-date and inefficient High Usage Report (HUR) and requires to send roaming call data to partners not less frequently than once during each 4 hours (modern GSM Association’s rules recommend to set this periodicity to once per 5-15 minutes). GSM Association strongly recommends to extend current roaming contracts by adding a clause concerning NRTRDE.

CBOSSroam - Roaming Management System – covers the entire lifecycle of a roaming agreement, which is especially beneficial for telcos with a large dealer network. CBOSSroam features 24×7 automatic operation, irrelevant of telco’s billing system status.

CBOSSinterConnect – Automated Interconnect Settlements System – is designed to offer accurate accounting, charging, analysis and reconciliation of all types of transit traffic (voice, IP, signaling) and to provide partners with a full-scale interaction channel.