CBOSSinterconnect Automated Interconnect Settlements

CBOSSinterConnect is a leading edge, hi-tech and reliable interconnect billing system. The system is purpose-designed to offer accurate accounting, charging, analysis, and reconciliation of transit traffic and to provide operators with a full-scale interaction channel. CBOSSinterConnect’s advanced tools enable the processing and charging of any traffic (voice, IP, signaling), automated reconciliation, flexible discounting (including usage-based discounts), and reporting on settlements with partners. CBOSSinterConnect is a powerful system that is able to optimize network resources and maximize interconnect revenues.


CBOSSinterConnect is designed to charge transit traffic based on such parameters as local time, least cost routing, load on traffic directions, etc.

CBOSSinterConnect monitors not only the partner traffic, but also your own traffic verifying bills from your interconnect partners with customizable verification accuracy. If the preset discrepancy limit is exceeded, the system automatically launches reconciliation procedures including the matching of tariffs, services provisioned, etc.

When reconciling traffic, the system accounts such parameters as differences between switch standards, time offset/adjustments, etc. The underlying technology completely eliminates human errors (automatic timer synchronization, switch standard identification, etc).

CBOSSinterConnect supports full bill itemizations for any traffic volume.


CDR collection and processing:

  • Processing of CDRs received from different switch models
  • Classification of CDRs into transit and subscriber records (subscriber CDRs are forwarded to the main billing system)
  • Control over CDR numbering to ensure data integrity.

Charging and discounts:

  • Flexible charging of voice, IP and signaling traffic
  • Charging based on system time, switch time or local time
  • Traffic route-based charging
  • Charging based on the ratio between inbound and outbound traffic (matrix rating)
  • Charging based on the total volume of inbound traffic
  • Fast traffic conversion for usage-based charging and discounts.
    CBOSSinterConnect’s discounting processes are optimized to support large volumes of traffic.

Information support

  • Automatic preparation and mailing of various statements to interconnect partners
  • Mailing of transaction reports (e-mail, fax, etc)
  • Analysis of network traffic and forecasting of financial flows
  • Information on the least cost routing.

Control over interaction with partners

  • Automatic traffic reconciliation. Traffic reconciliation is designed to compensate for the discrepancies of switch standards, time offset, etc. The list of discrepancies in CDRs is generated.
  • Control of QoS for compliance with SLAs.

Intuitive purpose-built interface for the configuration of tariff models and charging rules for the Interconnect traffic.


Network Management
CBOSSinterConnect easily integrates with mediation products from CBOSS and other vendors.
Integration with the CBOSStmn Telecommunication Management Network enables the automatic notification of CBOSSinterConnect-related events, errors, etc.

Integration with the CBOSSmdCDR Automatic CDR Collection enables real-time CDR processing.

Business Intelligence
Integration with CBOSSdss Decision Support System provides a deep analysis of CBOSSinterConnect data with an advanced forecasting option. The data provided by these systems is vital for tariff decisions and the planning of marketing campaigns. Moreover, it allows the network optimization to prevent overload.

Integration with CBOSSudr User Defined Reports creates a powerful reporting tool providing flexible data selection and presentation.

CBOSSudr enables Interconnect traffic correlation in complex traffic switching schemes and provides itemized data (up to a certain connection) on company’s revenue generated by Interconnect services.