Parallel to complex integrated solutions CBOSS offers standalone products that also work as part of our High-End and Mid-Range unified integrated convergent solutions aimed at operator and operator group end-to-end business automation. These products include: RealTime Billing – CBOSSrtb, SMS system – CBOSSsms, operator level roaming exchange CBOSSinterconnect, CBOSSroam, Bonus Zone and many others. Our products can also integrate with other vendor components.

CBOSSprepaid is a realtime rating engine targeted at small to mid-size telecom operators with subscriber population not exceeding 5 millions per installation. It is implemented as IN node (Intellectual Network node in ITU-T Q.1200 terminology) and runs on our Midrange platform.

CBOSSrtb – Real Time Billing, is a realtime rating engine targeted at mid-size to large telecom operators. Independent on the number of served subscribers, service providers, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), CBOSSrtb product rates and controls telecommunication traffic in real-time. Implemented as IN node (Intellectual Network node in ITU-T Q.1200 terminology), it runs on highly available NSB platform.

In addition to the main CBOSSbcc, CBOSSprepaid and CBOSSrtb products, CBOSS also offers customers several product lines pre-integrated with those, including internet traffic management CBOSSip products, messaging products such as SMS system CBOSSsms, USSD message exchange system CBOSSussd, multi-media message exchange system CBOSSmms, VAS product line, dealer/service provider/branch office support products, CRM product line, analytical line of products CBOSSbi and some others.

CBOSSip is used to automate provisioning and accounting for a full range of Internet services, providing differential access to resources, and flexible rating with deep packet inspection (DPI) in both post- and prepaid modes. This is another critical piece of the NGN transformation that many of our Customers already have today.

CRM product line is geared towards efficiency and optimization of operator-subscriber interactions.

Network Management and Mediation products represent OSS/BSS integration layer and allow BSS products to effectively communicate to the Network.

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