CBOSSprepaid Intelligent Prepaid Platform

CBOSSprepaid is an intelligent prepaid platform providing the necessary flexibility, scalability and reliability to ensure high service quality.

The prepaid technology is attractive for those subscribers who appreciate simple contracts, absence of bills, and ability to get their current balance any time, anywhere.


A prepaid subscriber dials the destination number, and call details are transmitted to the CBOSSprepaid server that checks the customer balance and calculates available airtime. If the called subscriber is also prepaid, the system verifies his/her balance and calculates available airtime. Next, CBOSSprepaid commands the switch to establish the connection As soon as available airtime is used up, and the balance is exhausted, subscribers are disconnected.

  • Support of various telecommunications standards
  • Service activation
  • Customer alerts and notifications
  • Account recharge by cash, cashless, bankcard and scratch card payments
  • Flexible tariff schemes
  • Prepaid service charging
  • Prepaid roaming

CBOSSprepaid seamlessly integrates with:

  • Various billing systems, including CBOSSbcc, to boost QoS and give customers wider opportunities.
  • SMSCs, including CBOSSsms, to notify subscribers of their balance, registered payments, forecasted suspensions, etc.
  • Various IVRs and Internet service systems, including CBOSSacc and CBOSSics, to take the load off the telco’s CSRs and improve customer care QoS.
  • Network management systems, e.g. CBOSStmn, to control system operation.
  • CBOSScallBack and CBOSSussd or similar third party systems, to enable USSD-Callback-enabled roaming.