Business Intelligence and Reporting

CBOSS BI is an analytical solution ensuring a highly centralized enterprise-wide decision-making environment The solution enables fast and informed decision-making at all management levels CBOSS business intelligence products enable the company to:

  • Cut costs on data collection and processing, including data from heterogeneous sources
  •  Accelerate management decision-making
  • Simplify data processing
  • Decrease load on operating systems
  • Automate KPI monitoring
  • Protect data from unauthorized access

CBOSS BI is based on three business intelligence products:

  • CBOSSdss – an OLAP-based data mining system that ensures on-line analysis of large data sets, providing insight into performance of the operator’s divisions responsible for: marketing, sales, finance, clients, services, tariffs, etc. It uses interrelating parameters of the company performance, thus providing for grounded managerial decisions.
  • CBOSSudr – User Defined Reports – a reporting system that empowers users to create reports, based on conventional business performance parameters, without assistance of IT specialists, promptly modify the reports by changing the parameter selection. It supports collective work on reports, mailout of reports, Web-enabled access, data export.
  • CBOSSdwh – a Data Warehouse software for automated data collection from various sources, preliminary data processing, data consolidation and storage for subsequent use by CBOSS analytical systems.

Additionally, one of available report decisions is CBOSSdm – a CRM intelligent support system that encapsulates complex methods of Deep Data Mining and is an effective tool for addressing the existing and new challenges: segmentation of subscriber database for better QoS, subscriber behavior analysis for preparation of marketing campaigns enhancing subscribers’ loyalty, calculation of consumer baskets to boost sales.