CBOSSudr User Defined Reports

Data mining and analysis usually require sophisticated SQL-queries and assistance from IT specialists.

CBOSS offers a business intelligence solution – CBOSSudr User Defined Reports designed to enhance data mining capabilities of CBOSSbcc users.

System Operation

CBOSSudr is built around semantic layers. A layer is a set of business notions from a certain area of the subject domain, for instance, payment and charge registration or bills.

CBOSSudr implements the distributed client-server architecture.
CBOSSudr includes software components with predefined semantic layers, standard reports, report launching shell and development tools for user defined reports based on predefined layers.

Key Features

  • Defining business entity in reports
  • Customizable data presentation, report appearance, and document structuring
  • Wide range of data mining tools
  • Multiple report distribution mechanisms


  • Report creation by business users using factory predefined layersSemantic layers and intuitive GUI enable business users to create reports thus reducing enterprise expenses on assistance from IT specialists.
  • Non-standard report layoutsQuick and easy reporting allow using CBOSSudr for non-standard report layouts.
  • A corporate reporting systemCBOSSudr instruments allow applying a corporate style to all reports.