CBOSSbcc Billing and Customer Care

CBOSSbcc is a multifunctional business and customer care system providing the following features:

  • End-to-end customer care.
  • Billing.
  • Settlements with subscribers and automated credit control.
  • Inventory accounting and sales automation.
  • Preparation of accounting data.
  • Reporting: a rich variety of aggregate and detailed reports.
Flexible rating

CBOSSbcc features a unique flexible rating engine supporting multi-conditional pricing and discounting. The telco can define flexible rating and discounting formulas, including any algebraic and logic operations.

Convergent Prepaid/Postpaid billing

CBOSSbcc is a true convergent system with charges for any service (including voice, data, messaging, Internet, content, m-commerce, etc) posted to a single account and subscribers enjoying a single bill and unified discounts and bonuses. The integration with CBOSSrtb Real Time Billing and CBOSSprepaid, an intelligent prepaid system, allows the support of flexible hybrid accounts alongside standard prepaid and postpaid accounts.

Credit Control

The credit control subsystem enables the complete elimination of subscriber and dealer debt. Assessing the customer’s account balance and reliability category, CBOSSbcc launches automatic notifications and multi-level suspension/reconnection. In corporate schemes it is possible to limit the services provided to particular users, charge private and business calls to different accounts, etc. Customer activity control allows the stimulation of higher service usage. If a customer is not using services and makes no payments for a long period of time, the system launches notifications, limits access to services, or resets the account balance.

End-to-end Customer Care

CBOSSbcc fully automates customer care, including subscriber registration and activation, settlements and billing, payment collection, and ongoing support.

Interactive Self-Service

Advanced self-service functionality of CBOSSbcc enhances subscriber satisfaction and customer care performance CBOSSacc Automatic Customer Care (IVR), CBOSSics Internet Customer Service (web interface), and CBOSSussd USSD Messaging Center allow subscribers themselves to handle a considerable part of the customer care routine.


The convergent CRM solution based on CBOSSbcc supports customer relationship management throughout the complete subscriber life cycle. The solution allows the storage and efficient use of customer data, customer preferences, and activity history to boost quality of services alongside customer loyalty and value.

Processing Customer Contacts

CBOSSbcc supports automatic registration of all types of customer contacts including visits to the office, phone calls, letters, faxes, e-mails, short messages, Web site feedback, etc.

Customer service representative’s (CSR) module provides all the necessary information required for efficient interaction with a customer with the capability to update customer attributes, handle financial issues, etc. In case a customer’s problem cannot be resolved immediately, the agent registers a trouble ticket and forwards it to the relevant department

The distributed network of Customer Care offices can be supported via the Web interface.

Marketing campaigns

CBOSSbcc provides powerful tools to establish and enhance beneficial customer relationships. The marketing campaign management system provides efficiency to your service and tariff promotions (with a subscription option), notification about new marketing programs, etc. The marketing team enters the target group selection criteria, and the system automatically notifies customers via the most convenient channels (CBOSSacc, CBOSSvfmail, CBOSSsms, CBOSSussd and e-mail) at the preferred time of day.

Bonus programs may include joint projects with trade and service networks, and are enabled by CBOSSbonus Bonus Management System. The results of marketing campaigns and polls are stored in the system and may be processed by analytical modules to enhance the customer relations.

Dealers and Service Providers

CBOSSbcc automates relations with dealers registering new subscribers and selling services and equipment. The system supports the following functions:

  • Remote sales, new customer registration, and customer care with access to the central database in the online and offline modes.
  • Accounting of inventory operations between the telco and its dealers (direct sales or dealer resale).
  • Control of payments for equipment sold.
  • Flexible dealer bonuses, based on the number of subscribers connected, their value and loyalty.
  • CBOSSbcc can simultaneously support several service providers and virtual operators with their own subscriber bases. The system enables settlements with each service provider and its subscribers, full-scale credit control, and information support.
  • Powerful analytical tools (including CBOSSdss Decision Support System, CBOSSudr User Defined Reports and CBOSSmcm Marketing Campaign.

CBOSSbcc functionality is enhanced by the integration with CBOSSrtb Real-time Billing System or CBOSSprepaid Intelligent Prepaid System.

Convergent Payments

The solution supports both prepaid and postpaid subscribers, allowing them to pay their costs in any convenient way (cash, bankcard, check, vouch-e r, e-payment, etc) via any convenient channel (cash registers, bank, IVR, SMS, USSD, Internet, ATMs and electronic payment systems). Moreover, the solution provides CAMEL and TAP roaming enabling customers to make payments practically in any part of the world.

Data Convergence

CBOSSbcc supports convergent charging of voice, data, events, and multimedia content enabling the required ease-of-use.

True data convergence is guaranteed for different mobile standards (GSM, CDMA, 3G, NGN), PSTN, IP billing, roaming services, etc. All data are processed in real time.

Convergent Account Management

The solution supports centralized account data storage and provides customers with hybrid accounts. A hybrid account is a combination of several accounts some of which can be prepaid and others post-paid. For example, these accounts can be used to separate the subscriber’s private phone usage from business usage, personal calls from calls to club members, etc. The account to use can be defined in advance, selected call-by-call, or determined depending on time of day, target number, service type, etc. The automatic credit control enables full elimination of subscriber debt.


CBOSSbcc supports the whole range of telecommunications services including mobile communications (cellular, satellite, and trunking), fixed-line telephony, IP billing, interconnection, roaming data processing, and more. For each type of carriers we provide a custom CBOSSbcc configuration, supporting both general and specific functions.

Configuration for Mobile Communications

CBOSSbcc supports GSM, CDMA, LTE and many other wireless standards and is geared to meet their specific needs In addition to flexible charging, convergent prepaid/postpaid billing, credit control, end-to-end customer care, CRM, settlements with dealers and service providers, the configuration features:

  • Full-scale roaming support (both administrative and automatic).
  • Inventory management (phones, SIM cards, scratch cards, etc), including control over equipment availability in system stores.
Configuration for Wireline Communications

CBOSSbcc allows wireline subscribers to enjoy a wide range of services, previously available in mobile communications only: voice/fax mail, autodial, interactive service activation/deactivation, duration-based charging. The configuration implements all wireline-specific functions enabling full automation of service provisioning:

  • Management of the structured cabling system and customer equipment.
  • Prospective customer management (phone installation queue); prompt installation feasibility analysis.
  • Repair office automation.
  • Automated line testing.
  • Network topology analysis and development.
  • Configuration for IP Billing.

Automated Internet service provisioning and accounting is enabled by the integration between CBOSSbcc and CBOSSip Internet Platform – an IP mediation solution providing an interface with the telecom equipment (e.g.RADIUS and NAS servers, VoIP gateways, routers) and Internet servers (e.g.WWW, POP3, SMTP, FTP, DSN, and proxy) CBOSSip enables the full-scale support of the whole range of Internet services, including dial-up, ADSL, PPPoE, CDMA 1x, EVDO, W-Fi/WiMAX, dedicated lines, IP telephony, telematic services (e-mail, home pages, web hosting), and more. The combined CBOSSbcc + CBOSSip solution enables end-to-end customer care for ISP customers and allows mobile and wireline carriers to provide Internet and IP telephony services.

Interconnect Configuration

CBOSSinterConnect is purpose-designed for carriers providing transit traffic services and enables accurate traffic accounting, charging, analysis, and reconciliation, as well as information support for partner carriers.

Configuration for Diversified Operators

CBOSSbcc is a universal and convergent system providing comprehensive support to companies specializing in several areas of telecommunications (e.g.GSM+Internet, PSTN+Internet, GSM+PSTN, CDMA+PSTN, etc). For such companies, CBOSSbcc delivery kit is customized to include all the necessary modules.


CBOSSmdCDR Automatic CDR Collection System and CBOSSmdDrive External Resources Management System enable the automated interface between CBOSSbcc and telecommunications hardware.

CBOSSbcc also supports financial data aggregation, formatting and export to the accounting system. Automatic data integrity control eliminates discrepancies between CBOSSbcc and external data.

Interfaces with payment systems enable online and offline payment collection via ATMs or other payment systems. The interface with the bank card processing center allows bank card payment registration via the telco’s cash desk, CBOSSacc IVR, CBOSSics web-interface, SMS, etc.

CBOSSapi Application Programming Interface allows CBOSSbcc integration with any third party applications.