Charges for Interconnect services are one of the major revenue sources of a telecom operator. At the same time, operating expenses are high, too. Therefore, the efficiency of an OSS/BSS solution used by the carrier is a key factor for revenue increase, cost control, and the transparency of interaction with Interconnect partners.

CBOSSconvergence Interconnect Solution is an up-to-date, hi-tech and reliable interconnect billing solution. The system was specifically designed to offer accurate accounting, charging and reconciliation of transit traffic, and to provide operators with a full-scale interaction channel. Solution’s advanced tools enable processing and rating of any traffic (voice, IP, signaling), automated reconciliation, flexible discounting, and settlements reporting. It is a powerful solution to optimize utilization of network resources and maximize interconnect revenues.

Taking into account the prospects of using FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence), modern services expected by subscribers in such a universal environment are becoming more and more important. Use of content and a variety of its providers are increasing.

CBOSSconvergence Interconnect Solution implements settlements with providers as successfully as with other telecom operator’s partners and ensures adaptation to their data delivery protocols and setup of the necessary rating, bonus, and discounting model.


CDR collection and processing

  • shared hardware as CBOSSbcc Billing & Customer Care is installed on a single server
  • Processing of CDRs received from different types of switches
  • Distribution of transit and subscriber CDRs
  • Control over CDR numbering for data integrity.

Rating and discounting

  • Flexible rating of voice, IP, and signaling traffic
  • Rating based on system time, switch time, or local time
  • Traffic route-based rating
  • Rating based on traffic volume distribution by directions (matrix rating)
  • Rating based on total inbound traffic volume
  • Fast recalculation of traffic on large traffic volume rating and volume discounts provisioning

Informational support

  • Automatic preparation and mailing of various statements for interconnect partners
  • Mailing of transaction reports (email, fax, etc.)
  • Network traffic analysis and financial flows forecast
  • Provisioning of information on least cost routing.

Control over interaction with partners

  • Automatic traffic reconciliation. Traffic reconciliation enables to compensate for the discrepancies of switch standards, time offset, etc. By the reconciliation results, the system generates the list of discrepancies in CDRs.
  • QoS control for compliance with SLAs.