1. Develop and deliver high-quality, competitive high-end products. Accumulate and augment intellectual capital, perform advanced enterprise and knowledge management.

2. Achieve successful and large-scale promotion of our solutions on the international market. The challenge is to capture a global market share with the uprising CBOSS brand and join the team of dominant players. The ultimate goal is to achieve the world leadership in the IT-for-telecom market segment.

3. Create and develop well-paid jobs. Based on personal achievements, improve the well-being and quality of life of employees and their families up to the European level. Ensuring сorporate social responsibility and fair business practices.

4. Ensure professional, research and managerial growth of the human capital. Develop employees’ qualities and spirit towards end-to-end satisfaction of our customer needs in all aspects of the business. Enable development of employees’ potential in collaboration with the system of education and science.

5. Build a lawful meritocratic company of equal opportunities, which belongs to its employees. Contribute to the development of a civil society. Promote peace, fruitful collaboration, mutual understanding, and cultural exchange between the East and West.