CBOSSdm Intelligent Support for CRM Projects

Increasing penetration of communications services is challenging telecom operators to become more competitive. Today, unrivaled quality of service and targeted product offerings are efficient and reliable tools for customer acquisition and retention, revenue boosting, and consolidation of the company’s market share.

CBOSSdm Intelligent Support for CRM Projects is an ACRM (analytical CRM) software product employing data mining (DM) algorithms and purpose-designed to develop, support and analyze campaigns aimed at customer acquisition, sales boosting (including pricing optimization), and churn reduction. Featuring a data import and storage subsystem, CBOSSdm enables customer data storage and analysis. The solution offers a combination of purpose-built data collection and processing tools and a wide range of mathematical DM algorithms.


The solution is currently comprised of the following modules:

  • Data import and storage system enabling the import of data from external sources (including OSS), its storage and presentation for further processing. All objects are linked to customer IDs, with the necessary data subset automatically exported for each specific analysis. In some tasks, a representative subset of customer data is used, and CBOSSdm provides the necessary tools for data sampling and efficient sample fragmentation into the training and test subsamples. The system also provides monthly/weekly aggregates. Data export is not resource intensive.
  • Segmentation module enabling customer segmentation according to the pre-specified criteria to create marketing offers tailored to match the needs of target segments.
  • Churn module enabling the identification of customers most likely to churn (including a behavior-based customer profiling functionality and a customer base/segment churn forecast option).

The data import and storage functionality is the basic subsystem of CBOSSdm.

The user selects the required task (e.g.“Profiling of customers most likely to churn”) and specifies the sampling parameters, analysis time period and the required aggregation level. CBOSSdm then processes the data in accordance with the preset parameters using the available Data Mining algorithms


As a business intelligence solution, CBOSSdm can study the structure and contents of the analyzed objects coupled with behavior modeling and forecasting. CBOSSdm has the following functions:

  • Management of data import and sampling. The user defines the volume of data to be extracted, type of analysis and the time period analyzed. CBOSSdm is comprised of several specifically geared modules.
  • Intelligent data processing. CBOSSdm extracts and processes data using the Data Mining algorithms enabling data classification, clustering, regression, and association.

The solution is designed to perform:

  • Analysis of changes and trends in customer data
  • Customer segmentation

CBOSSdm allows the subdivision of the customer base into discrete customer groups that share similar characteristics to develop targeted offers. Segmentation may be based on different principles so that each customer may belong to more than one segment (e.g. to the most loyal group and to the most active SMS users).

  • Churn analysis and forecasting

CBOSSdm employs the mathematical modeling technology allowing accurate customer behavior forecasting. The resulting data are personalized enabling the carrier to create uniquely appealing offerings.